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June 2015

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posted 06.30.2015
Although research shows that intimacy and companionship relate positively to residents’ sense of independence, help facilitate good physical and mental health functioning and combat loneliness, such settings rarely promote or encourage such relationships between residents.  Read More
posted 06.29.2015
I found a purpose that had not been in any life plan or on any list of goals, but one that evolved out of personal experience, research and passion: It was clear that the aging of the baby boomers was and is creating innumerable crises that need immediate attention—and I needed and... Read More
posted 06.29.2015
In June 2014, the Obama administration nominated Carolyn W. Colvin to head the Social Security Administration (SSA). She has been serving as Acting Commissioner since February 2013, and, in August 2015, she will be on hand to observe the agency’s 80th anniversary.  Read More
posted 06.29.2015
Ten years ago, I experienced a stunning revelation. By then, I had spent 25 years as a gerontologist. I was professionally occupied with all things aging. Read More
posted 06.18.2015
The FMLA, which was enacted in 1993, has fallen behind the times. It needs updating—and quickly—for us to affordably meet the needs of an aging nation. Read More
posted 06.15.2015
We as Baby Boomers and elders have just begun to speak out loud about older-age sexuality, and we owe it to our generation (and those following us) to keep talking. Read More
posted 06.15.2015
After multiple missed opportunities for intervention, a community finally responds—and an offender is held accountable. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Palliative care has become an integral component of high-quality care for seriously ill older adults—Medicare must keep pace with this trend to ensure they receive the best care. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Medicare, in order to continue evolving, should invest in health and well-being, along with disease care, and incorporate public health goals. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Will more competition within Medicare mean more efficient models of healthcare delivery or exacerbate health disparities in those less informed and less able to make the right choices? Read More

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