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September 2015

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posted 09.24.2015
This job is too big for one person, one family or one company to tackle. Everyone needs to help if we plan on making a long-lasting change and help others today and ourselves tomorrow. Read More
posted 09.22.2015
Why do we overeat? The answer is not as complicated as you might think, and has less to do with what we eat than how we eat.  Read More
posted 09.21.2015
As we design strategies to address hunger, we must also combat income inequality and poverty. Read More
posted 09.21.2015
Here we highlight three Community AGEnda grants to illustrate how building public will, engaging across sectors and advancing age-friendly public policies helped to create sustained interest in age-friendly work. Read More
posted 09.15.2015
Many caregiving memoirs follow a familiar pattern. George Hodgman’s memoir about his mother, Bettyville, does not follow a template.  Read More
posted 09.14.2015
Millennials can be described in many ways: they are the most diverse generation, the most educated and the hardest hit by the Great Recession. Increasingly, they can also be described as caregivers—for their grandparents, their parents and their children Read More
posted 09.14.2015
Chefs for Seniors is a service that hires a staff of chefs to plan nutritious meals, shop for them and cook them in the client’s home.  Read More
posted 09.09.2015
We spend a third of our lives asleep, yet many of us don’t give sleep much thought until it goes wrong. If one bad night can have us longing for sleep for the whole next day, what might decades of poor sleep do to our health? And is there anything we can do about it? Read More
posted 09.08.2015
The health status of older adults is influenced by multiple factors, and the quality of diet over the life course and in old age is increasingly recognized as a crucial, but modifiable, determinant of health. But food contributes far more than nutrients. Read More
posted 09.08.2015
Given that older adults sacrificed so much to establish and protect life in America as we know it, why do we allow millions of them to face the threat of hunger? Read More

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