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February 2017

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posted 02.13.2017
A writing group offers opportunities for older adults to use their voices, to expand their sense of identity, and to practice interpretation and description skills that can improve communication. Read More
posted 02.10.2017
Family members often play a critical role in helping to ensure loved ones continue to define their purpose and achieve their potential following major life transitions, such as relocation to a senior living facility. Read More
posted 02.09.2017
Family caregivers need, and deserve, more robust supportive services, but a break may be the most precious gift of all. Read More
posted 02.09.2017
experiencing dementia forces our clients to live in the intuitive world and become dependent on us to take care of rational thought processes for them. When we do, they begin to feel safe and experience a sense of wellbeing. Read More
posted 02.07.2017
Older people can have an enormous impact on younger people by simply being themselves, making social connections that transcend conventional aging stereotypes. Read More
posted 02.06.2017
The number of workers ages 55 and older is projected to nearly double during the time period 2000–2020. Read More
posted 02.03.2017
Seniors CONNECT represents a promising practice for empowering seniors to help their peers find the resources they need. Read More
posted 02.03.2017
How community-based organizations can contribute to person-centered medical homes. Read More

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