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May 2016

Monthly Archive (Aging Today)

posted 05.25.2016
By Peter Whitehouse The greatest challenge to elders is not ageism, it is dysfunction in our political, ecological and economic systems. The deterioration of our democratic processes, the crisis of climate change and the injustice of income disparities reflect broad organizational and cultural... Read more
posted 05.25.2016
By Daniel Callahan While there are many candidates for America’s list of core historical values, scientific progress would be near the top of all lists. It is the closest thing we have to a secular religion—a creed that says life can and should always get better. There is no end of... Read more
posted 05.24.2016
By J. Craig Venter When I sequenced the first complete human genome—my own—in 2007, I learned I carried one of the genes associated with an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease. Like many, I began to worry that the memory changes associated with normal aging were a sign that I... Read more

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