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February 2015

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posted 02.23.2015
By Amy S. Friday Adults in the United States are generally assumed to function independently. Unless shown to suffer from a condition known to undermine independence, we understand that adults hold privileges such as the right to enter into legal contracts and the right to make decisions for her... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Kandace L. West It’s a Saturday morning and two third-year pharmacy students and I are sitting in Norma’s living room. Norma is an 82-year-old retired elementary school teacher, and is accompanied by her two daughters, Cindy and Patty. Like many adult children caring for their... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Marcia Spira Training opportunities for work with the older population are abundant as the cohort grows. Programs include online training modules, weekend workshops, specialized courses within university curricula and postgraduate certificates. And there are programs in university schools of... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Carl H. Rush With the aging of the Baby Boomers (among whom I count myself), a renewed emphasis on “aging in place” and the growing burden of long-term care on state Medicaid programs, the era of community health workers (CHWs) has arrived. CHWs have been engaged in population... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Holly Deni At a time in our cultural development when household ownership of televisions stands at 96.7 percent and paid movie admissions account for tens of billions of dollars each year, one cannot underestimate the power of the moving image to entertain, educate and inform the public. There... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Holly Deni There are some demographics about aging in the United States that the media loves to quote, and certain statistics are repeated again and again. We can’t escape the fact that more than 10,000 people turn 65 each day in our country, a trend that will continue for the next 19... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Holly Deni Love them or hate them, you have to admit that participation in online social sites can sometimes take you on tangents, catching you off-guard. My particular experience involved jumping from planning a knitting project to pondering the ways in which LGBT elders self-identify, and... Read More
posted 02.09.2015
By Ken South GLBT elders have been called an invisible generation. A search of Google scholar using the terms “invisibility of GLBT elders” will show more than 2,000 journal articles referencing this phenomenon. Some older folks, especially those in the “pre-Stonewall”... Read More
posted 02.03.2015
By Elizabeth Isele Although the media continue to depict entrepreneurs as tech-savvy innovators in their early 20s, research by the Kauffman Foundation has established that the highest rate of business start-up activity is among people in the 55-to-64 age bracket. More than half of all U.S. small... Read More

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