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August 2016

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By Kenneth W. Kizer Paramedics have been an integral part of the healthcare landscape since the 1970s, when emergency medical services (EMS) were first widely implemented. Today, these highly trained professionals respond in situations commonly affecting older adults. Now, specially trained... Read More
By Audrey Weiner Writing on history can be instructive—the facts, the context in which they’re found and the words used to describe events. In 1890, Burdett described The Home for The Aged and Infirm Hebrews (of New York City, now The New Jewish Home) as follows: “In them (the... Read More
By Carol Levine In the early 20th century, the architect Louis Sullivan designed very tall buildings to meet the needs of a newly urban population. These structures illustrated his assertion that “form follows function.” The new forms needed a new name, and “skyscrapers”... Read More
By Sarab Sodhi I walked up to a patient in the Emergency Department, a woman in her 90s who had fallen. She had a decent-size laceration on her forehead and was quite upset. Unable to tell me what had happened, or how she fell, I had to rely on the EMS history. Luckily, the EMTs were still there... Read More
By Robert J. Schreiber Our current healthcare system for older adults and individuals with disabilities was built to provide acute medical care, but does not routinely include wellness approaches to prevent or manage chronic disease. In addition, it has not included integrating social support... Read More
By Timothy P. McNeill, Aaron Shirley, Erin Shirley Orey, Mohammed Shahbazi, Sandra C. Hayes, and Lorie Ramsey In recent years, improving health outcomes and reducing healthcare expenditures for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries has become increasingly imperative. Several initiatives in the... Read More
By Willy Marcos Valencia, Lisset Oropesa-Gonzalez, Christie-Michele Hogue, and Hermes Jose Florez The epidemic of type 2 diabetes is a major health and social problem, affecting more than 29 million people in the United States (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC... Read More
The Diverse Elders Coalition has recently launched a #TellACL campaign with Caring Across Generations to encourage people to tell the Administration for Community Living (ACL) what they need to age successfully. Whether that means aging services in your native language, better... Read More
By Alberto Palloni and James Yonker Over the past twenty years or so, patterns of mortality and health conditions in the U.S. population have developed two strong, disturbing traits. First, compared to other high-income countries, U.S. mortality and health status rank as... Read More

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