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3 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Leadership Development
posted 01.12.2016

1.  96% of Nonprofit managers indicate an interest in receiving 
     leadership or managerial training.

According to a ProInspire survey, over 50% of nonprofit managers reported that they did not have the knowledge, experience and resources to be successful. 96% indicated that they were interested in leadership development or managerial training.

Kathy Greenlee, JD, Administration for Community Living/Assistant Secretary for Aging, US Administration on Aging, speaking to participants of the 2014 ASA Leadership Institute.

2.  Emerging leaders who complete leadership development program report
     increased confidence and effectiveness.

Results of ProInspire’s survey showed that fellows of a Managing for Success program reported an increased in effectiveness as manager, improved communication with direct reports, greater confidence in empowering direct reports and stronger relationships with senior leaders.

Similarly, graduates of ASA’s Leadership Institute report greater knowledge and confidence in their roles as emerging leaders at their organizations and in the field of aging.

“The leadership institute has given me the tools needed to be a successful leader and to understand all the different dynamics the play lead roles within the aging community.”

“The Leadership Institute afforded me an opportunity to develop a stronger understanding of who I am as a leader and what tools I can use to be a more effective leader.”

“I can use what I learned … to become a better leader”

Leadership expert, Bob Carpenter, leading a workship at the 2014 ASA Leadership Institute

3.  Investing in leadership development results in high returns on investment (ROI).

Leadership development produces tangible benefits and concrete improvements in achieving goals. Studies have found that participants in leadership development programs outperform colleagues who are not engaged in development programs. 

Engaged particpants of the 2015 ASA Leadership Institute.


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