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Aging Today

Monthly Archive (Aging Today)

posted 05.09.2015
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently issued new rules designed to ensure that the services provided are targeted to individuals’ needs and preferences. Read More
posted 05.08.2015
Changes in coordination of care among different professional disciplines create opportunities to recognize family caregivers as essential members of healthcare teams. Read More
posted 05.08.2015
Older women frequently are the target of financial exploitation, which often may not be recognized as a form of abuse. Read More
posted 05.08.2015
For the past eight years, Southwest Airlines generously has provided air tickets to a number of attendees at the Aging in America Conference. This year, they allocated a large portion of their gift to people attending the ASA Leadership Institute at the Conference. They were awarded tickets based... Read More
posted 04.09.2015
As a group of lawyers working to improve the lives of older adults, my colleagues and I ask what justice means for all of us as we age often. That question—and its answers—recently led us to change our name from NSCLC to Justice in Aging. Read More
posted 04.09.2015
Vern Bengtson has spent a good portion of his career questioning the prevailing wisdom on family dynamics and their effect on a person’s psychology, and how people do or do not pass along religious beliefs, ethics and values.  Read More
posted 04.06.2015
Describing the way frail elders and dying people were cared for in post–World War II Britain, Dr. John Hinton wrote in his 1967 book, Dying (London: Viking Press), “The dissatisfied dead cannot noise abroad the negligence they have experienced.” Half a century later, and an... Read More
posted 04.06.2015
Tens of millions of individuals who are older than age 50 are beginning to wonder, “Will I be able to get the medical care I need as I get older?” Policymakers and educational leaders are starting to ask, “Will tomorrow’s doctors have the skills they will need to handle... Read More
posted 04.06.2015
“Sixty is the new 40,” promises the media. Yet do baby boomers accentuate the positives of aging without facing up to the challenges of advancing years? Read More
posted 03.16.2015
Almost 40 percent of elderly American Indians and Alaska Natives describe their overall health status as “fair” or “poor,” which is considerably higher than the rate (26 percent) reported among the overall U.S. population ages 65 and older. Read More

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