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Monthly Archive (Generations)

posted 05.01.2015
In a fortuitous bit of timing, the May 2015 50th anniversary of Older Americans Month coincides with the publication of the Spring 2015 issue of Generations. Read More
posted 05.01.2015
Standing up to negative age bias can be a powerful first step toward having a fulfilling and productive Third Chapter of life. Read More
posted 05.01.2015
Understanding and addressing the common barriers older adults face in becoming empowered healthcare consumers. Read More
posted 05.01.2015
Through resetting aging, reinventing healthcare, and re-engaging the healthcare consumer, we can debunk ageist stereotypes. Read More
posted 05.01.2015
Consumers of genetic testing, often of high income, well-educated, and white, frequently are disappointed in test results—especially when paired with typical lifestyle recommendations. Read More
posted 05.01.2015
Where are we making progress and what remains to be done toward achieving transparency in healthcare? Read More
posted 03.26.2015
Only person-centered care can work for those with dementia—an intensely personal disease. Read More
posted 02.26.2015
The Winter 2014–2015 issue of Generations examines why social and health disparities persist in America’s diverse aging population and frames the challenge of sustaining programs and services to ameliorate them amid America’s current climate of economic insecurity. Read More
posted 02.26.2015
Within the umbrella term, Asian American, exist multiple cultures and varied disease prevalence. Addressing disparities in care means we must use culturally and linguistically appropriate measures to educate the various sub-groups. Read More
posted 02.23.2015
Progress in reducing and eliminating discrimination and health disparities is slow: competing domestic, defense, and foreign-policy priorities, uncertainties of the national economy, and a polarized partisan policy environment present challenges to social and health policy... Read More

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