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Monthly Archive (Generations)

posted 06.15.2015
After multiple missed opportunities for intervention, a community finally responds—and an offender is held accountable. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Palliative care has become an integral component of high-quality care for seriously ill older adults—Medicare must keep pace with this trend to ensure they receive the best care. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Medicare, in order to continue evolving, should invest in health and well-being, along with disease care, and incorporate public health goals. Read More
posted 06.10.2015
Will more competition within Medicare mean more efficient models of healthcare delivery or exacerbate health disparities in those less informed and less able to make the right choices? Read More
posted 06.10.2015
There are pragmatic solutions for keeping Medicare financially healthy well into the future—and each has its own detractors. Read More
posted 06.09.2015
Looking back at why Medicare does not pay for long-term care, plus examining today’s political climate and the possibilities of improving LTC coverage. Read More
posted 06.09.2015
With the many more healthy and vibrant older people in 2040 will come a matching population of frail and disabled elders. Read More
posted 06.09.2015
What two former Medicare administrators think it will take to get much needed services to the burgeoning Medicare populace, and why neither has a lot of hope that politics will get us there. Read More
posted 06.09.2015
Medicare remains a popular program, but Americans are worried about its long-term viability, and any impact the ACA may have on the program. Read More
posted 06.09.2015
On the evolution of the older adult lobby, and the proliferation of narrow interest groups that threaten Medicare’s future. Read More

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