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posted 04.06.2018
As ever larger numbers of older people in America approach later life, their preference is to age in place. But this involves considerable challenges: are there adequate services in the community, including healthcare? Are communities “livable,” with safe and affordable housing,... Read More
posted 04.06.2018
On March 26, the AARP Foundation sponsored and presented “Innovation for Impact: What We Have Learned?” featuring four experts and entrepreneurs from the Foundation, sharing best practices for ending senior poverty. Read More
posted 04.04.2018
The person I was most excited to meet was my cousin, Jennifer, whom I had not seen or spoken to in twelve years since her grandmother’s funeral. Twelve years ago, Jennifer was 19 years old. Now she is 31. She lives 24 miles from me in New York. We bumped into each other in San Francisco. Read More
posted 03.29.2018
The In Focus Section of the March–April 2018 issue of Aging Today takes on climate change, and its outsized impact on older adults, especially older women. Read More
posted 03.29.2018
Panelists at the 2018 Diversity Summit, titled “A Focus on Diverse Caregivers,” pointed out that there are some within minority communities who eschew the very term caregiver and others who won’t admit to ailments for fear of cultural stigma. Read More
posted 03.29.2018
“The future is already here. These challenges are not just on our doorstep, they have crossed the threshold." Read More
posted 03.28.2018
“Eventually, I do think some words will fall out of use, but some of these are built into the very structure of how we talk about everything: senior citizen discounts, senior centers. There are productive and unproductive associations and they’re all in our heads." Read More
posted 03.27.2018
The panel acknowledged that technology should create solutions to problems, not solutions looking for problems. Read More
posted 03.25.2018
Evidence-based programs for dementia caregiving can help improve the ability of family and friends to assist a loved one with the challenges associated with caring for a person with dementia, and to access helpful resources. Read More
posted 03.22.2018
In the United States, older adults have the highest rates of diabetes of any age group; one-quarter of all adults over the age of 65 have diabetes. Read More

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