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The Hunger–Obesity Paradox in Older Americans

posted 09.08.2015

By Joel Berg

Given that older adults sacrificed so much to establish and protect life in America as we know it, why do we allow millions of them to face the threat of hunger? And why do we allow millions of older adults—some of whom also face hunger—to suffer, against their will, from obesity?

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End-of-Life Care Conversations: The Next Level

posted 09.02.2015

By Anna Rahman

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The “Walker” is the Goal

posted 08.28.2015

By Constance Cassell

You know the old saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Isn’t it a bit insane that we continue to build and remodel homes that are not designed to age in place?

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The Challenges of the Aging Industry

posted 08.13.2015

By Carol Marak

The aging business has grown extensively over the past decade. There are more services and products that help older adults live a better life today than ever before, and research and development indicate more growth and advancement. The next decade will supply health care and financial benefits to keep the boomer population thriving.

Embracing Older Women in the Workplace

posted 08.12.2015

By Florence Shen and Brendan Birth

There will always be competition for jobs. But, there doesn’t need to be ageism and a perceived generational divide when dealing with employment.

In order to build sustained long term prosperity for the United States of America, we need to embrace the skills, talents and abilities of older women. Ageist misconceptions and bias may cloud our vision, but the economics and demographics paint a compelling picture—economic growth depends on our ability to create and support vibrant multigenerational workplaces.

Staff Training Is Key to Creating an LGBT-Friendly Housing Environment

posted 08.04.2015

By Tim R. Johnston

Imagine you recently lost your spouse of many years. You’ve mourned her or his passing, and after careful consideration, you have decided that it’s time to sell the house and move into an assisted living facility. You meet with the facility director and she gives you advice on how to pack up your home and make the transition into your new apartment, encouraging you to bring whatever you like to make this new home feel familiar, comfortable and safe.

The Complex Path to Successfully Developing an LGBT-Friendly Senior Housing Development

posted 08.04.2015

By Nadia Underhill

In 2007, Heartland Alliance, the Midwest’s leading anti-poverty organization, identified the lack of affordable housing as a critical issue for low-income LGBT older adults in Chicago. In 2011, Heartland Housing (the Alliance’s affordable housing development arm) partnered with Center on Halsted (Chicago’s community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons [LGBT]) and won approval to develop a city-owned site into one of the country’s first “LGBT-friendly” senior affordable housing buildings.

The Intersection of LGBT-Friendly Housing and the Fair Housing Act: A Policy of Neutrality

posted 08.04.2015

By Bill Skalitzky

The email from my client caught my attention. It came more than a year after we had closed financing for the “LGBT-Friendly” Town Hall Apartments in Chicago. Town Hall Apartments provides housing for low-income older adults (ages 55 and older) a few blocks from the ivy-covered outfield walls at Wrigley Field. The building’s Tenancy Policy Statement is straightforward:

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