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Gauging Aging: How Does the American Public Truly Perceive Older Age—and Older People?

posted 10.20.2015

By Laura A. Robbins

Eight leaders of eight national aging organizations walked into a room. One asked, “Why hasn’t the Older Americans Act been reauthorized?” A second one wondered, “Why aren’t there more funders [in aging], given the country’s demographics?” A third questioned, “Why do so many people think Social Security is an entitlement, not the earned benefit that it is?”

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The Public Policies We Need to Redress Ageism

posted 10.20.2015

By Robert B. Blancato and Meredith Ponder

In our nation, not every person will be a victim of racism. Not every person will be a victim of sexism. However, virtually everyone will have the chance to be a victim of ageism.

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21 Opportunities: ASA Managed Care Academy

posted 10.13.2015

The thousands of community-based organizations (CBOs) and area agencies on aging (AAAs) across the United States are the very fabric of the aging network. In terms of home and community-based services, the aging network is the most effective and most passionate provider of services today. But as the network encounters a new era of managed care contracting, it is mission-critical that CBOs and AAAs learn to collaborate as they compete for new resources intrinsic to this new model.

Senior Skip Day

posted 10.06.2015

Humana, official health care sponsor of the National Park Service Centennial and National Park Foundation premier partner for the Find Your Park movement, will host Humana Senior Skip Day on Oct. 8. Senior Skip Day was created to encourage people 62 years of age and older to skip out on their normal, daily routine to enjoy a healthy day in one of the national parks. On Oct. 8, seniors will have free access to more than 400 national park sites across the United States, compliments of Humana. In addition, Humana will host celebratory events for seniors in certain national park locations.

Revolution: Aging In Place

posted 09.24.2015

By Dr. Mary Tuuk

Family caregiving has become a full-time job for many of us as our parents require extra help to age in place. Today, 47 percent of adults care for a parent, plus a child while supporting an older child. With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day, the need for family and professional caregiving, and the desire by older adults to age in place, isn’t going away.

Slim by Design: Eating Strategies for Everyday Life

posted 09.22.2015

Obesity is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke, osteoarthritis and some cancers. Significantly higher rates of comorbidities affect the obese, and there are increasing rates of obesity among older adults, which may eventually result in people’s need for long-term care.

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Targeting the Root of Senior Hunger

posted 09.21.2015

By Kevin Prindiville

Growing up, my relationships with the most important older adults in my life revolved around food. My grandfather loved food. To make a living, he interwove this love with lifelong entrepreneurial endeavors—after graduating from high school, he immediately went to work as a milkman (back when milk was delivered to your home—and not by an Amazon drone), then he became a candy salesman, then the owner of a corner store and, ultimately, a restaurant supply distributor.

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