ASA is the essential resource to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge, and strengthen the skills of those who work with, and on behalf of, older adults.

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Online Gerontology Courses Aid Teams in Helping Older Adults

posted 12.07.2015

At the core of ASA’s mission is the intention to be an essential resource that cultivates leadership, advances knowledge and strengthens the skills of its members, to help them better serve elders, thus improving their quality of life.

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An Uber Idea: Nonprofit Partners with For-Profit to Fund Rides for Elders

posted 11.23.2015

By Alison Biggar

An inspiration to help older adults get around came to Bob Carr and his wife, Anne, as they parked for an exercise class at the YMCA one day in Atlanta. A group of older people exited the building, having just finished an AARP driver re-certification course. One woman loaded her walker in her trunk, got in the driver’s seat and hit the gas, in reverse, narrowly missing the remainder of the group, who was just able to scuttle out of the way.

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The Case for Aging in Community, Not in Place

posted 11.23.2015

By Peggy Brick

In response to the longevity revolution, geriatric professionals nationwide are promoting “aging in place.” With the demise of pensions, salary stagnation and the failure of many to save for retirement, remaining in the old home may be the only option for many.

Life in a CCRC

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Back to the Future: Are Today’s “Livable Communities” Reminiscent of Our Not-Too-Distant Past?

posted 11.17.2015

By Jerry Anthony

By 2030, there will be an estimated 70 million elders in the United States, accounting for about 20 percent of the total population. Given the scale and pace of the greying of America, and because satisfaction with living conditions correlates highly with life satisfaction, housing for this population has become one of the more salient policy issues in America today.

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Taking the Initiative: An Innovative Partnership Program Invests in Age-Friendly Communities—and Makes Them Stronger

posted 11.16.2015

The following is a moderated discussion from September 15, 2015, with John Feather, CEO of Grantmakers in Aging, Emily Allen, Vice President, Foundation Programs with AARP Foundation, Catherine Godschalk, vice president, Investments, for Calvert Foundation and Scott Sporte, chief lending officer for Capital Impact Partners.

Two Gerontologists Debate California’s Assisted Suicide Bill

posted 11.11.2015

By Susan Enguidanos and Anna Rahman

Dr. Susan Enguidanos, a palliative care expert and professor at the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology, and Dr. Anna Rahman, a research consultant working with Dr. Enguidanos, engaged in the following email discussion of California’s assisted suicide bill in the month before Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill. Anticipating that more states will eventually pursue similar laws, we—Drs. Enguidanos and Rahman—share our exchange now to illustrate the complex issues such laws raise.

The 2015 White House Conference on Aging: A Lost Opportunity?

posted 11.09.2015

By Beth Baker

I have to admit I was excited to be given a press pass to attend the 2015 Conference on Aging, my first time covering a White House event. But by the end of the seven-hour conference, I felt flat rather than fired up. Having had a couple of months to reflect on the gathering and to hear from others who attended regional conferences, I feel most of all that it was a lost opportunity.

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Transcending Cultural Competency with Awareness and Compassion

posted 11.09.2015

By Joseph Sacco

The patient, an African American man in his late 50s, was critically ill and tethered to a ventilator. Bacteria grew from his blood, his kidneys had shut down and his liver had been rendered wooden and cirrhotic by decades of silent hepatitis C infection. His death, in hours or days, was inevitable.

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ASA Board Chair Lynn Friss Feinberg to Receive the Paul Nathanson Distinguished Advocate Award

posted 11.04.2015

ASA Board Chair Lynn Friss Feinberg, senior Strategic Policy Advisor with the AARP Public Policy Institute, Washington, D.C., is the Fall 2015 recipient of the Paul Nathanson Distinguished Advocate Award, from Justice in Aging. Feinberg is being honored for bringing an advocate’s spirit to her work on family caregiving issues and for consistently championing the needs of low-income families.

ASA Members Named As 2015 Influencers in Aging

posted 10.30.2015

This week Next Avenue released a list of the 50 most influential people in aging. The list is a who’s who of folks who are redefining aging, including thought leaders, executives, writers, artists, researchers, experts and everyday people. And, unsurprisingly, many members of the American Society on Aging are honored.

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