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Aging and the Labor Market

posted 02.27.2014

By Anne-Marije Buckens

Just two weeks to go till the 2014 Aging in America conference in San Diego. I’m really looking forward to meeting you there and sharing with you a Dutch view on the future of elder participation in the labor market.

Our society is getting older in a more healthy way. Active aging is not only about health, healthcare and vitality, it is also about staying active and valuable for the society. Additionally, we have the question how we can maintain a society that is growing older. One of the answers is…work!

How Partnerships Can Change Policy

posted 02.27.2014

By Phil Schenk

West Virginia is more than stupid chemical plant locations. It’s a small, poor, elderly state where all the players in the field of senior services seem to know each other, have worked at the same place at one time or another, and, whether we like it or not, have to work together to get anything done. What’s great is that we can and we do.

Navigating to Success in Becoming Part of Complete Systems of Care

posted 02.26.2014

By Bernadette Wright

Accountability! Quality care! Save money! Sound familiar?

Growing numbers of federal agencies, states, and private payers are offering potential opportunities for service providers to become a part of new, complete systems of “accountable care,” where providers collaborate to offer more integrated, better quality care and share in the savings. Many studies and experts give advice to attain these hoped-for results, with each source claiming to offer a better answer.

LEARN Network News

posted 02.24.2014

by Sandra von Doetinchem

Member Monday: ASA Award Winners to be Honored at AiA14

posted 02.24.2014

The last Monday of every month is “Member Monday” at ASA. Every Member Monday we post about what ASA Members have been up to, information about member benefits, and other useful tidbits just for you! Have an update or announcement you’d like to see featured? Email us or leave a comment below!

ASA Award Winners

New Website Offers Resource on HIV and Aging

posted 02.24.2014

By 2015, half of those living with HIV in the United States will be age 50 and older. As this population expands, so does the need for information and resources about aging with HIV. The American Academy of HIV Medicine (AAHIVM), ACRIA, and the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) recently launched a new website,

Redefining Retirement with Solopreneurship

posted 02.19.2014

By Jackie B. Peterson

I'm sure you already know all the facts by heart: we all know that 10,000 Baby Boomers are reaching age 65 every single day. We all know that more businesses are being started by people over 50 than by people in their 20s. We all know that solopreneurism is the wave of the future...and that it's absolutely perfect for Boomers.

Wait—what? “What's a solopreneur?” you say?

Social Bullying: Training Older Adults to Make a Difference

posted 02.19.2014

By Kathy Burnes

What does social bullying look like among older adults? Not so different than among adolescents, with the exception of cyber bullying. Most common are gossiping and spreading rumors about another elder, making critical comments within the victim’s hearing, or comments such as, “You can’t sit here. I’m saving the seat for a friend.” This type of behavior occurs in senior centers, in senior living communities, and wherever groups gather.

Tell us why you want to attend AiA14 for a chance to win!

posted 02.19.2014

Times are tough. We get that. Travel and education budgets are being slashed across the country, and hundreds of professionals are foregoing educational and networking opportunities in deference to the bottom line. We at ASA believe it shouldn’t have to be that way, but we understand the pinch on organizational budgets is harder than ever.