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Exploring End of Life and the Nature of Suffering

posted 01.20.2015

By James P. Oberle

Under the auspices of Pope Francis’s leadership, many have noticed a change in how the Catholic Church interacts with individuals, organizations and the media. There is an expectation that significant change in Catholic teaching might be on the horizon. But have there been any changes in how the Church approaches issues of aging?

Catholic Views on End of Life

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Some People Make a Difference, and Some People Make you Different

posted 01.13.2015

Some People Make a Difference, 
and Some People Make you Different.

I love this tweet from social media guru Saleem Sharma. Mentors draw on their experiences and skills to offer guidance, advice, and inspiration. But more importantly, they change how you think, they build your strengths, and you end up becoming a different person because of them.

On Grant Writing in Aging: Tips from a Grant Reviewer

posted 01.13.2015

Dear grant writer,

I used to be you and, once I in a great while, I still play that role: a person who works like crazy to get a proposal submitted and waits anxiously for a reply that will mean so much to an organization and the people it serves. I know the pit-in-the-stomach feeling of realizing that sometimes jobs may depend, in part, upon the success of my written word.

Tweet Down the Price!

posted 01.13.2015

UPDATE: There were so many tweets that we are taking off the maximum discount of $50!** Use promo code TWEET when you register for the 2015 Aging in America Conference at the professional attendee rate by Monday, January 19 to save! 

Mentorship is Priceless to Professional Development

posted 01.12.2015

Mentorship, formal or informal, is not only fundamental to the development of an individual’s career, but also to the development of an individual as a professional. Both areas, career development and professional development, are constantly evolving and mentors play a huge role in providing tailored feedback, sage advice, and maybe even a reference or two.

National Mentor Month

posted 01.05.2015

January is National Mentoring Month — a month set aside to focus attention on the need for mentors and the impact mentoring can have on the lives on young people. Members of the American Society on Aging have a long history of serving as mentors for up-and-coming professionals in the field of aging. Many also have their own stories to share about how mentors have supported their own careers.

Meeting the Needs of Caregivers: Building a Comprehensive and Sustainable Model of Support Services

posted 12.22.2014

By Nicole Bruno

The needs of family caregivers and the caregiving challenges facing the healthcare workforce in the face of the growing aging population raise big questions:


Aspects of Mental Health and Aging

posted 12.12.2014

Fall 2014 Generations addresses the complex topic of mental illness and substance use in older adults. Elders now transitioning from middle to later life are expected to use and misuse psychoactive medications, as well as alcohol and illicit drugs, more than did other generations. Also mood disorders and other serious mental illnesses do not necessarily fade with old age. 

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