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Caregiving in Bettyville: A Son Finds He Can Go Home Again

posted 09.15.2015

Review by Carol Levine

By George Hodgman
Viking, $27.94, 288 pages
ISBN 9780525427209

Many caregiving memoirs follow a familiar pattern: a parent becomes increasingly frail and forgetful; dementia is diagnosed, conflicts within family or with doctors complicate care, end-of-life decisions must be made. The author mourns but feels enriched by the experience.

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Is Sleep a Modifiable Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease?

posted 09.09.2015

By Kate Sprecher

It’s 2 a.m. and you’re crawling into bed after meeting a tight deadline, dreading the alarm that will ring in a few short hours. Or maybe you’ve been tossing and turning all night, furious at your inability to sleep as the clock ticks steadily toward morning. You spend the next day forgetful, irritable, unable to concentrate and making simple errors.

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Beyond Nutrients and RDAs—Food Offers Physical and Emotional Sustenance

posted 09.08.2015

By Sara A. Quandt

The health status of older adults is influenced by multiple factors, and the quality of diet over the life course and in old age is increasingly recognized as a crucial, but modifiable, determinant of health. But food contributes far more than nutrients. And for older adults, consuming an optimal diet is complicated by the social and physical changes that often accompany aging, making it necessary to identify and help vulnerable groups of elders.

Good Food = Nutrients, Emotion, Memory

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The Hunger–Obesity Paradox in Older Americans

posted 09.08.2015

By Joel Berg

Given that older adults sacrificed so much to establish and protect life in America as we know it, why do we allow millions of them to face the threat of hunger? And why do we allow millions of older adults—some of whom also face hunger—to suffer, against their will, from obesity?

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End-of-Life Care Conversations: The Next Level

posted 09.02.2015

By Anna Rahman

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The “Walker” is the Goal

posted 08.28.2015

By Constance Cassell

You know the old saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Isn’t it a bit insane that we continue to build and remodel homes that are not designed to age in place?

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The Challenges of the Aging Industry

posted 08.13.2015

By Carol Marak

The aging business has grown extensively over the past decade. There are more services and products that help older adults live a better life today than ever before, and research and development indicate more growth and advancement. The next decade will supply health care and financial benefits to keep the boomer population thriving.

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