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Eight Actions to Improve Healthy Aging in Rural Areas

posted 07.28.2014

By Juanita Bacsu 

Rural older adults often desire to age in place, yet few studies identify ways to improve aging in rural communities. A team of researchers at the Universities of Saskatchewan and Regina interviewed approximately 40 rural seniors about what actions they thought supported healthy aging in rural areas.

8 New Web Seminars in August!

posted 07.24.2014

With thanks to our sponsors, partners and donors, we are able to offer EIGHT free web seminars in August, including up to 7 complimentary CEUs!

The August webinars cover a variety of topics, from aging services to brain health to home safety to aging in community to intergenerational programs. There is something for everyone!

A Terrific Example of the Benefits of Aging in Community! (Video)

posted 07.24.2014

The video below has been making the rounds on Facebook recently and here at ASA we couldn't help but be struck by what a terrific example it is of the benefits of aging in community! Perhaps, in the future these videos won't "go viral" on social media, as more and more communities adapt to accommodate and integrate the growing aging population, making scenes like this one commonplace. In the meantime, we hope this video will inspire you to continue tackling the challenges of creating age-friendly communities.

The Future of Aging Services

posted 07.23.2014

As it approaches fifty years, the aging network, born from the Older Americans Act of 1965, is at a critical juncture. With the incredible growth of the older population one might have thought that these would be the boom years for those with vast experience in delivering aging services. Instead, the traditional aging network is facing major challenges and in many states long-standing providers are fighting for their very survival. How and why has this happened? And what are the implications of these changes for the delivery of services to older people in the United States?

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What the Paradox of Change Means for the Future of Aging Services

posted 07.17.2014

By Robert A. Applebaum

As a researcher studying aging services and long-term care for the past thirty-five years, I continue to be amazed at how the world I study and thought I knew has changed. I often say to audiences when presenting data from our two-decade longitudinal study of Ohio’s longterm services system, “If you would have shown me these data twenty years ago and said this will happen, I would have said, ‘No way.’ ”

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