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Leaving the Farm

posted 03.26.2015

By Kathy Greenlee

She could always remember the farm. The best gift we could give her was to take her away from the nursing home, drive to the country, and look at the wheat. If we were lucky, we ran into someone we knew working the fields. Back in the nursing home, she kept reminders: a four-foot metal windmill, a concrete pig, and a plastic chicken. But in the country, during the drive, she could remember and she could see.

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AiA15 Day Two: The Upside of Aging

posted 03.25.2015

The hallways of the Hyatt Regency Chicago were buzzing with energy as the AiA15 conference community came together for the second day of the 2015 Aging in America Conference. With sessions throughout the day covering a breadth of issues and topics, attendees had plenty of options to choose from. AiA15 Mobile App user Cozzie King may have summed up the day best when she posted,

AiA15 Day One: Disrupting and Re-Imagining Aging

posted 03.24.2015

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can stop ASA Members.

Playing Well with Others: Creating Amazing Partnerships

posted 03.19.2015

By Faith Unger

I am so excited to be attending the Aging in America Conference! It’s such a wonderful week of learning and connecting with everyone focused on making the aging journey a positive one. At AGE of Central Texas we believe that “Aging is a shared journey of triumph”, and that education is the best tool for accomplishing this.

LEARN Network News

posted 03.19.2015

by Sandra von Doetinchem

It is my greatest pleasure to contribute to the American Society on Aging as the chair of the Lifetime Education and Renewal Network (LEARN) Council since nearly two years. I would like to thank the whole council for their amazing work, their enthusiasm and passion in the field of lifelong learning, as well as for the time they have devoted to LEARN. I would also like to thank these members who will complete their terms of service at the 2015 Aging in America Conference: Leah Ferster and Hope Levy.

NEST: Network News

posted 03.16.2015

by Andrew Lee Alden

Let’s start at the beginning: What is NEST?

NEST stands for the Network on Environments, Services and Technologies. We are a group of colleagues from across the spectrum of aging services and across the United States. We are dedicated to maximizing the functional capacity of and promoting independence for elders through appropriately designed environments, services and technologies. For additional information on NEST, click here.

Finding Their Way Home: The Importance of Aging in Place for Older Adults

posted 03.13.2015

By Maureen Hewitt

I was lucky. My mother was able to age in place. Unfortunately, this is less common than one might think.

How Listening to the Voices of Patients Can Improve Quality of Life

posted 03.13.2015

By Rick Harris

With the American Society on Aging’s Annual Conference barely 2 weeks away, I’m hugely excited to be attending and speaking at what will be my first visit to the event from the UK.

As Founder of Customer Faithful, my aim is to support the healthcare industry “by making the improvement of patient experience as accepted and sought-after a goal as clinical outcomes."

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