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A Helping Hand in the Voting Booth: Helping Older Adults Navigate Voter ID Laws in their Home States

posted 03.10.2015

By Erin McKee

As of 2014, laws requiring voters to present some form of identification are in place in the majority of US states. Laws that require voters to present a current government-issued photo ID before voting are the most restrictive of these. States continue to consider additional requirements and to make changes to existing voter ID requirements at a rapid pace.

Impact on Older Adults

Diagnosing Different Types of Dementia: Cognitive Testing and Medical Imaging

posted 03.05.2015

By Sue Halliday

Diagnosing dementia in the family practice setting has always been a challenge. Join us March 24th from 9:00 to 10:30 AM and learn how medical imaging and cognitive testing is being used today to diagnose the different types of dementia.

Helping Elders at Risk Because of Hoarding

posted 03.05.2015

By Kristin Bergfeld

When I founded BERGFELD’s in 1987, I did not anticipate becoming an expert in helping people afflicted with, at that time, a little known condition called “Hoarding”. During a major personal transition, I decided to start my company. I didn’t yet know the subject or specialty, only that it must be based on principles important to me:

Fighting a new Battle: A Bathing Care Standard for Caregivers of Elderly Male Military Veterans

posted 03.03.2015

By Yvette M. Rose

Have you experienced or currently experiencing aggressive behaviors displayed during bathing in long term care facilities or in the home setting such as biting, hitting, pinching, cursing, throwing objects, or yelling?

Are you bathing elderly military veterans? If so, then this information is for you.

Social and Health Disparities in America’s Aging Population

posted 02.26.2015

This Winter 2014−15 issue of Generations addresses the issue of how our nation’s social and health disparities persist despite decades of work by community practitioners to solve them, and how a climate of continuing economic uncertainty is proving challenging to the creation and longevity of programs and services essential for helping at-risk members of minority communities.

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Download the Official AiA15 App!

posted 02.25.2015

By Betsy Dorsett

Download the free AiA15 app and use it to search the sessions, look up presenter information, find exhibitor locations and contacts, connect with the AiA15 community with in-app social tools, and more! 


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Closing the Disparity Gap Requires an Integrated Response from Policy, Research, and Programs

posted 02.23.2015

By Jeanette Takamura

Enacted in 1965 before the Social Security Act amendments established Medicare and Medicaid, the Older Americans Act (OAA) declared a national rights-based commitment to the “inherent dignity” of older Americans. Title I of the OAA calls upon federal, state, and local governments and tribes to enable a good quality of life for older persons in their later years (AOA, n.d.). To realize its vision, the OAA relies upon the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the nationwide aging network.

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Evaluating Vulnerable Populations for Capacity

posted 02.23.2015

By Amy S. Friday

Adults in the United States are generally assumed to function independently. Unless shown to suffer from a condition known to undermine independence, we understand that adults hold privileges such as the right to enter into legal contracts and the right to make decisions for her or his own person and property. We acknowledge an adult’s ability to choose and control personal finances, wills and other legal decisions, independent living circumstances, medical decisions, driving functions and sexual relations.

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