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The Paradox of Scarcity in a Land of Plenty: Meeting the Needs of Older Adults with Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

posted 12.11.2014

The approaching demographic wave of aging Baby Boomers will bring unprecedented growth in the number of Americans with mental health or substance use disorders, all of whom will need services over the coming decades. There are approximately 5.6 to 8 million Americans ages 65 and older who have a mental health or substance use disorder (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2012). By the year 2030, this number is projected to reach 10.1 to 14.4 million older Americans (IOM, 2012).

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Providing Assistance to Caregivers During the Holidays

posted 12.08.2014

The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially for family caregivers. What can professionals who work with older adults do to help their clients and their clients’ caregivers during the holidays (and all the time) to help manage stress, and enjoy the season? Here are three places to start:



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INFOGRAPHIC: What Do Professionals Learn at the ASA Leadership Institute?

posted 12.08.2014

What do professionals in the field of aging gain from participating in the ASA Leadership Institute?

The 2015 ASA Leadership Institute prepares the next generation of leaders to face the challenges and opportunities of our diverse, aging society:

UCSF’s Adam Gazzaley On How Video Gaming Improves Cognition

posted 11.17.2014

Speaking with neurologist Adam Gazzaley is akin to running behind an experienced trail racer—they’re always around the next bend and out of sight before you’ve managed to catch your breath. Or as Gazzaley puts it, “I do tend to work pretty intensely.”

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Announcing New and Continuing ASA Board Leadership

posted 11.13.2014

Contact: Linda Jones

Joan Lunden on the Blessings of Having a Platform, Needing a Plan and Finding Resources

posted 11.10.2014

Though finished with her two-decade stint hosting “Good Morning America,” Joan Lunden is hardly what one would call retired. During the past eight to 10 years, she has concentrated on her passion, which is health, and focused on helping families and women with shows like “Health Corner” and “Taking Care with Joan Lunden,” a series on caregiving. Lunden was a long-distance caregiver for her mother until her mother’s death at age 93 last year.

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Fighting Elder Abuse: Our Role in Helping Elders Reclaim their Independence

posted 11.05.2014

By Kathy Greenlee

Today, somewhere in our nation, no one responded to her screams when a woman living in a nursing home fell. Today, the son of a man living in assisted living stole money from his father’s checking account. Today, a caregiver argued with a woman living in her own apartment, and the woman ended up with a black eye.

Elder abuse—in all of its forms—is an outrage against humanity.

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The $1.2 Trillion Question: How Can we Effect a LTC System to Deal with Alzheimer’s?

posted 11.03.2014

By George Vradenburg

$1.2 trillion. That’s the projected annual cost by 2050 of caring for Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s. To put it in perspective, the price tag for rescuing the U.S. financial system during the 2008 crash was $700 billion. The Apollo program to land an American on the moon cost about $110 billion in today’s dollars.

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