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Fighting Elder Abuse: Our Role in Helping Elders Reclaim their Independence

posted 11.05.2014

By Kathy Greenlee

Today, somewhere in our nation, no one responded to her screams when a woman living in a nursing home fell. Today, the son of a man living in assisted living stole money from his father’s checking account. Today, a caregiver argued with a woman living in her own apartment, and the woman ended up with a black eye.

Elder abuse—in all of its forms—is an outrage against humanity.

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The $1.2 Trillion Question: How Can we Effect a LTC System to Deal with Alzheimer’s?

posted 11.03.2014

By George Vradenburg

$1.2 trillion. That’s the projected annual cost by 2050 of caring for Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s. To put it in perspective, the price tag for rescuing the U.S. financial system during the 2008 crash was $700 billion. The Apollo program to land an American on the moon cost about $110 billion in today’s dollars.

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Acceptance & Gratitude: Transformative Spiritual Practices for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

posted 11.03.2014

God, Give us the grace to accept with serenity the
things that cannot be changed...
-Reinhold Neibhur

In the context of Alzheimer’s care, Spirit and Science unite in this familiar prayer, informing us that acceptance is what research reveals to be the most healing balm for caregivers.  But, similar to all spiritual endeavors, acceptance involves a challenging journey.

6 Scary Facts About Aging

posted 10.21.2014

It’s almost Halloween and while most people are thinking about scary ghosts and zombies, we bet that ASA Members are also thinking about the scary realities that older adults face every day.

Here are 6 scary facts about aging and how ASA members are tackling them at the 2015 Aging in America Conference (March 23-27 in Chicago):


The Student Experience at AiA15

posted 10.21.2014

Members of the American Society on Aging have a rich history of supporting students and emerging professionals. We are committed to nurturing future leaders in aging by providing students access to the best information, resources and professional development opportunities at little or no cost. We are pleased to offer the following resources to help full-time graduate and undergraduate students attend and benefit from the 2015 Aging in America Conference.


Elder Self-Neglect is a Growing and Largely Hidden Problem

posted 10.09.2014

By Kaaren Boothroyd

Self-neglect among the elderly is a growing problem that commonly goes unreported, according to a new survey of elder care experts. The survey which was conducted by the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers (NAPGCM) finds that self-neglect among seniors is the most common form of non-financial elderly abuse/neglect encountered by care managers, far outpacing encounters with physical or sexual abuse or neglect by others.

Fall for free CEUs with ASA

posted 10.02.2014

This fall we are pleased to be able to bring lots of new opportunities for ASA members to earn free CEUs!

Members are eligible to earn CEUs from all of ASA’s web seminars for which CEUs are offered at no charge and, thanks to the support of our generous sponsors, we are able to offer many web seminars, including CEUs, at no charge to non-members as well!

Debunking the Top Three Myths of Financial Planning

posted 09.25.2014

By Kris Miller

Most people who have a 401K or an IRA have little idea of where their money is invested. When you ask, “Where’s your retirement money?” They reply, “At the bank,” or “With my broker.” It is no wonder so many people are financially unprepared for retirement.

Book Review—Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities

posted 09.22.2014

Bisexuality: Making the Invisible Visible in Faith Communities; by Marie Alford-Harkey and Rev. Debra W. Haffner; Westport, CT: Religious Institute, 2014; 95 pages.