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Yes, Collaboration Can Happen—and Means Better Quality of Life for LTC Residents

posted 01.25.2016

By Brooke Hollister, Molly Davies, Pamela M. Mokler and Carrie Graham

According to one long-term-care (LTC) ombudsman, an LTC resident named Walter was, “... getting his diapers rationed, and if he ran out, then [he was told] he would be left in his soiled diapers. He saved up his personal needs allowance, and, powered by his wheelchair, rode the bus to buy diapers. He had this stash of diapers that he was collecting with his own money.”

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The Administration for Community Living: Programs and Initiatives Providing Family Caregiver Support

posted 01.21.2016

By Greg Link

The Administration for Community Living (ACL)

An operating division within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that includes the following operating components:

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In Memory of James (Jim) E. Birren

posted 01.21.2016

Renowned scholar and pioneer in aging research and the field of gerontology, James E. (Jim) Birren, died on Friday, January 15, 2016. He was 97.

On Birren's passing, Bob Blancato, ASA Board Chair-Elect, remarked that, "Our field has lost one of the true giants. Jim Birren is recognized as one of the founders of the organized field of gerontology. He was an invaluable counsel to so many and one of the most decent human beings one could ever meet."

Family Caregiving: Looking to the Future

posted 01.20.2016

By Lynn Friss Feinberg and Carol Levine

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What Can You Do to Help Older Adults with $1.5 Billion?

posted 01.14.2016

By Betsy Dorsett

This week's $1.5 billion lottery set records and lit up social media with people posting their #IfIWonPowerball dreams. All the hubbub got us wondering … how could $1.5 billion help improve the lives of older adults?



You could house 3.9 million elders who qualify for housing assistance for… only 8 days.

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Social Security and Student Debt: We All Have a Stake

posted 01.14.2016

By Nancy Altman

Those who favor cutting Social Security sometimes seek to turn the young against the old. “Older Americans, their lobbies and the politicians who do what they ask are actually waging war on young people,” says Jonathan Cowan, president of Third Way, a nonprofit organization that urges the scaling back of Social Security.

Cowan and others who seek to pit generations against each other refuse to recognize the interconnectedness of all generations.

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3 Reasons You Should Be Investing in Leadership Development

posted 01.12.2016

1.  96% of Nonprofit managers indicate an interest in receiving 
     leadership or managerial training.

Why Polypharmacy in Older Adults is Such a Big Deal. And What Can Be Done to Prevent it.

posted 01.12.2016

Each year 175,000 adults age 65 and older will be seen in an ER in the United States due to adverse drug reactions. Why does this happen? And what can we do to help our older clients and loved ones with medication management?

Older adults take a lot of prescription medications.

Advances in Workplace Protections for Family Caregivers

posted 01.11.2016

By Vicki Shabo

Every day in America, millions of women and men struggle to succeed on the job while caring for an aging parent, an ill spouse, or a child with special needs. Their struggles are evident in workplaces, homes, and care facilities, and during fraught and hurried commutes from one to the other. Nearly everyone in the United States will experience the challenge of either providing or receiving care at some point in their lives, yet our nation fails to ensure access to even basic supports.

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