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They Shall Overcome: Advocates Persist in Fighting for Elders

posted 05.21.2018
Mirroring the complexities of our modern world, the work of aging advocacy also is chal­lenging and complex. Aging Today recently spoke with three advocates in the aging sector about why they do the work they do.
Advocating for Indigenous Populations

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'Good Enough' Is Not: Pushing Nursing Homes Past Mediocre Care

posted 05.18.2018

By Eric Carlson

No one in their right mind would choose a new home in a mere 48 hours, based on a list of possibilities from a hospital discharge planner, and after making a few phone calls and (maybe) a couple of visits.
Yet it is common practice for many nursing home residents. Many nursing homes are “chosen” in exactly this way and, unfortunately, a future resident’s lack of control often persists throughout life in these settings.

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Aging Services Go Global, From Shanghai to Chicago & Back

posted 05.18.2018

By Phyllis Mitzen, Valerie Gruss and Memoona Hasnain

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Finding Justified Hope in Resistance—And Beyond

posted 05.18.2018

By Anna Galland

Since Donald Trump and the Republican Party took full control of our federal government in January 2017, they’ve unleashed acute attacks on our democracy, on our fundamental values and on the health, safety and dignity of Americans from all walks of life, including older adults.

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1 in 30 Baby Boomers has Hepatitis C

posted 05.16.2018

By Andrew Reynolds

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