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Maximum Impact Programming: Lessons in Innovation from the AARP Foundation

posted 04.06.2018

By Alison Hood

For five decades, the AARP Foundation has worked to improve the lives of low-income older adults—to end senior poverty and improve well-being and quality of life. It addresses food insecurity, housing, income and social connections, and collaborates with individuals and organizations on innovative solutions and problem-solving.

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In the March–April 2018 issue of Aging Today

posted 03.29.2018

The In Focus Section of the January–February 2018 issue of Aging Today takes on climate change, and its outsized impact on older adults, especially older women. How might we plan better for caregivers and their charges?

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The 2018 Diversity Summit and Data

posted 03.29.2018

By Ty Johnson

Bringing the Aging in America Conference to San Francisco, just a train ride from Silicon Valley, was a deliberate move to enhance the focus on technology this year, which led to a handful of tech experts talking about predictive analytics, or data that can tell the future.

We Can't Wait.

posted 03.29.2018

By Ty Johnson

Wednesday’s General Session, titled “Ending Senior Poverty: Why We Can’t Wait,” included both a pointed call to action from ASA Chair Bob Blancato and a major announcement from Public Policy Chair Bill Benson, but AARP Foundation President Lisa Marsh Ryerson was the one who got everyone out of their seats.

She told a spellbound crowd exactly why #WeCantWait, and the Twitter storm that followed led at least one editor in Lower Manhattan to contact ASA to find out what all the fuss was about.

AgeBlog: The 2018 Reframing Aging Summit

posted 03.28.2018

By Ty Johnson

The Reframing Aging Summit on Tuesday brought together hundreds of aging professionals in the Imperial Ballroom for a talk about how we talk about aging and how deliberate changes in the conversation can reveal the covert ageism that sometimes flies beneath the radar.

The FrameWorks Institute partnered with the American Society on Aging, AARP and other aging organizations in 2014 to begin to reshape the way aging is discussed, from an undue focus on anomalies to a societal perception that aging means decline.

Day One of AiA18: Welcome, Now Let's Innovate!

posted 03.27.2018

By Ty Johnson

It’s pretty hard to steal the show at the nation’s largest gathering of aging professionals, but Kate Lorig pulled it off during the Opening General Session of the 2018 Aging in America Conference in San Francisco Monday night.

During the panel discussion, “How Technology is Reinventing Aging,” she followed her generous appraisal of how technology empowers her and keeps her connected to family and friends with a smattering of frank critiques, many of which moved the nearly standing room audience to applause.

Effectively Selecting Evidence-Based Programs: A New Online Resource to Compare Evidence-Based Dementia Caregiving

posted 03.25.2018

By David Bass, Jennifer Cardellini, Alyssa Ciancibello, Leah Eskenazi, Kathleen Kelly, Katie Maslow, Julie Rentsch and  Rachel Schaffer

Does Insurance in Your State Cover Diabetes Education?

posted 03.22.2018

By Manel Kappagoda and Derek Carr

Engaging Through Fine Art

posted 03.22.2018

By Rebecca Ferrini and Linda Bounds

If you can scribble, you can paint! 

The art teacher/ambassador greets the class of  physically and cognitively impaired students,  parked  in wheelchairs and lounge chairs facing one large blank canvas. These nursing home residents, along with the colorful scrub-clad nurse’s aides are skeptical.

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