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The consumer marketplace for aging is a booming one, what with the baby boomer cohort turning age 65 at a rapid clip. But Business & Aging at ASA means something more: We analyze and advise on retirement trends, ageism in marketing and workforce issues. How long should we work and will there be enough of a caregiving workforce to take care of us as we age? You’ll find thoughts on these questions, as well as perspectives on smart retirement planning, the complexities of long-term-care insurance  and recareering and many other such transitions in later life. The business of aging is our business, so check in here for the latest information and news. 


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Transforming Retirement: Timing, Roles, Funding, Challenges, Opportunities and a New Purpose

Featuring: Ken Dychtwald, Phd, President and CEO Age Wave
Introductions by Msgr. Charles J. Fahey, MSW, Marie Ward Doty Professor of Aging Studies, Emeritus, Fordham University and Program Officer, Milbank Memorial Fund; and Louis Colbert, MSW, Chair, American Society on Aging


Trends in Entrepreneurship

posted 06.02.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Business Forum on Aging (BFA) by Mary Furlong One of the fastest growing entrepreneurial segments of our U.S. economy is the 50-plus boomer. The recession and the decline in 401K balances have propelled the boomers to want to make up for the savings that were lost. Few ads on Craig’s List say: “Wanted: ...

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Executive Women Approaching Retirement: How Confident? How Prepared?

posted 06.02.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Business Forum on Aging (BFA) by Sandra Timmermann You might think that executive women are role models when it comes to financial literacy and preparing for their retirement security. In many ways they are ahead of the curve, but it’s surprising to find that even these women—with higher education and income...

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Three Simple Ways You Can Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

posted 05.19.2011

This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Healthcare & Aging Network (HAN)

By Shawna Reeves

As the economy continues its free-fall, scammers are coming out in full force. Elders’ financial losses are the predators’ gain. The decline in retirement income, home equity, and safety net programs all create a sense of financial insecurity and panic that can drive vulnerable elders into the arms of scammers.

The Changing Landscape of Senior Living

posted 05.19.2011

By Steve French

There is a movement afoot to help people remain independent as they age. This revolution is marked by innovative programs that include volunteers helping elders stay in their homes by providing needed at-home services, inventive elder-friendly home redesigns, and GPS and health tracking devices for loved ones.

Options and Opportunities

posted 05.19.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) By Joy Silver The mainstream senior care and residential services industry offers many options to the general aging population. Some services are offered by non-profit or governmental agencies that are not attached to residential facilities, whereas some residential options are owned by large or...

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The LGBT Consumer: A Growing Market Segment

posted 05.18.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s LGBT Aging Issues Network (LAIN) By Barbara Howard Professionals are often surprised about the convergence of the for-profit world and aging services, and are even more astounded when businesses focus on the LGBT segment in particular. Why? The LGBT consumer represents a growing market segment that remains relatively underserv...

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