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The United States’ healthcare system is a moving target topic: it’s consistently in the political crosshairs and it’s a complex landscape—hard for most everyone to grasp, including people who specialize in and work in the aging services network. But at ASA we have expert members weighing in on a regular basis about what’s going on with the Affordable Care Act, and what’s the latest when it comes to Medicare, Medicaid and those who are dually eligible for both. How are people working to fix transitions between hospital and home? How can we help elders manage their medications? Where are all the new doctors and nurses for our burgeoning aging populace going to come from? How can our country handle the expected number of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias? The issues of aging, and how elders will be cared for are huge, and we have a wealth of material on them—constantly updated material, as befits the fluidity of the subject


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Healthcare and Aging NetworkThe Healthcare and Aging (HAN) is a professional community of individuals and organizations working to promote innovative, high-quality approaches to meeting the healthcare needs of older adults. The network facilitates information exchange and collaboration among policymakers, researchers and service providers.


Comparison of Home Health and Hospice Care Agencies by Organizational Characteristics and Services Provided: United States, 2007

posted 06.02.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Healthcare & Aging Network (HAN) By Eunice Y. Park-Lee & Frederic H. Decker This report presents national estimates of the organizational characteristics of home health and hospice care agencies in 2007. Comparisons of organizational characteristics and provision of selected services are made by agency type. The rep...

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New York Zen Center Program Could Transform Healthcare for Elders

posted 06.02.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Forum on Religion, Spirituality & Aging (FORSA). By Andrea Sherman “Our society has made demons out of illness and death. With tireless integrity and compassion, the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care prescribes the Buddha’s medicine: sanctity of life, vows of service and letting go.” —Ro...

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A “Village” Approach to Age in Place

posted 05.26.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Healthcare & Aging Network (HAN) By Andrew Scharlach Older adults in communities around the country are creating their own “villages” — grassroots, consumer-driven membership organizations designed to help them to age in place by reducing social isolation and unmet needs. In return for annual dues, member...

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Successful Aging in the Context of Alzheimer’s Disease

posted 05.26.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Healthcare & Aging Network (HAN) By Cordula Dick-Muehlke What does it mean to age successfully? That’s a million dollar question for the 76 million baby boomers who begin turning 65 in this year. In light of this demographic transformation, researchers have, during the past decade, sought to describe successful aging...

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LGBTQ Elder Services in a Canadian Context

posted 05.19.2011
The Canadian Perspective: Why LGBT focused care? Members of our LGBT community have historically experienced barriers in accessing health care and support services. Research evidence has confirmed that the health status of many LGBT is compromised due to many factors including societal prejudice, lack of education for health care professionals on LGBT issues, and the reluctance of many to see...

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The Changing Landscape of Senior Living

posted 05.19.2011

By Steve French

There is a movement afoot to help people remain independent as they age. This revolution is marked by innovative programs that include volunteers helping elders stay in their homes by providing needed at-home services, inventive elder-friendly home redesigns, and GPS and health tracking devices for loved ones.

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With a major commitment to diversity and inclusion, ASA’s members represent the diverse array of professionals in the field of aging working along the continuum of care and service and who are concerned with the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual well-being of older adults.

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