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Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging (FORSA)

The Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging (FORSA) constitutes a national, multidisciplinary and nondenominational community of professionals committed to examining and fostering the spiritual dimension of human existence as a central element in the aging process and to fostering an appreciation for the importance of incorporating an awareness of this dimension into all the disciplines that make up the fascinating world of gerontology.
Some members come at the topic from traditional faith perspectives and are active in various churches, synagogues and mosques, while others approach the issues from the perspective of "mindful" or "conscious" aging. Whatever your particular perspective, you are welcome to become part of the dialogue of a most worthwhile and welcoming professional society.

FORSA is a constituent group of the American Society on Aging (ASA), the largest professional membership association in the field of aging. ASA's more then 6,000 members comprise a national, multidisciplinary community of those who work with older adults. Members of FORSA have access to a wealth of resources in the field of aging through ASA's publications and programs.

FORSA members include anyone interested in the spiritual, religious and philosophical aspects of aging, such as:

  • Clergy and theologians
  • Pastoral counselors
  • Chaplains and caregivers
  • Social workers and nurses
  • Administrators
  • Layworkers and staff of religious organizations and agencies
  • Educators and seminarians
  • Lay leadership working in congregational community settings
  • Aging network agencies
  • Conscious aging proponents
  • Anyone interested in ethics

FORSA contributes to ASA’s programs, education events and activities through the following avenues:

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