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July–August 2016 to
November–December 2017*

July–August 2016: Ethics and Aging: How Do We as a Society Live with Aging and the Needs of Elders?

Copy Deadline: 5/2/16

Ad Art Deadline: 5/27/16

Release Date: Week of June 20, 2016

September–October 2016: Population Health and Aging

Copy Deadline: 7/1/16

Ad Art Deadline: 7/22/16

Release Date: Week of August 15, 2016

November–December 2016: Technology & Aging

Copy Deadline: 9/1/16

Ad Art Deadline: 9/30/16

Release Date: Week of October 24, 2016

January–February 2017: Creativity and Inspiration in Later Life (Includes 2017 Aging in America Conference preview)

Copy Deadline: 11/7/16

Ad Art Deadline: 12/1/16

Release Date: Week of 1/16/17

March–April 2017: New Visions of Care: Overhauling America’s Healthcare System

Copy Deadline: 1/6/17

Ad Art Deadline: 1/23/17

Release Date: Week of 2/20/17

May–June 2017: Civil Rights & Older Adults (Includes 2017 Aging in America Conference highlights/recap)

Copy Deadline: 3/1/17

Ad Art Deadline: 4/3/17

Release Date: Week of 5/8/17

July–August 2017: Still in the Shadows: The State of Mental Health in Our Aging Population

Copy Deadline: 5/1/17

Ad Art Deadline: 5/29/17

Release Date: Week of 6/26/17

September–October 2017:  Rural Healthcare and America’s Aging Population

Copy Deadline: 7/7/17

Ad Art Deadline: 7/31/17

Release Date: Week of 8/28/17

November–December 2017: Elder Abuse and Mistreatment (Guest Editor for In Focus: MT Connolly)

Copy Deadline: 9/5/17

Ad Art Deadline: 10/2/17

Release Date: Week of 10/23/17

*Note: Topics, deadlines and release dates are subject to change.



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