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Webinar on Nov. 10

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While most people gamble safely, some people develop problems related to it, and those problems can be devastating to older adults and their families.

Webinar on November 9

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ccording to the Alzheimer’s Association, three of five people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander. If not found within 24 hours, up to half of individuals who wander will suffer serious injury or death.

Webinar on Nov. 8

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Parkinson’s disease can require planning for both long- and short-term costs of medication, home adaptations, insurance, estate-planning documents and other healthcare-related needs.

New Online Courses Offered

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New online courses for 2017 include a comprehensive two-part program to understand, respond to and prevent elder abuse.

Webinar on Nov. 3

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Social media platforms are changing the way professionals in aging services communicate.

Webinar on Oct. 27

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Confused about Medicare? You’re not alone.

Webinar on Oct. 25

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Learn about the latest innovations in PD care through the PDF Nurse Webinar Series.

Webinar on Oct. 20

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A paradigm shift in the way we view and use volunteers.

New Webinar on Oct. 19

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Triple A and hospital partnerships have evolved to create common goals and initiatives.

2017 ASA Leadership Institute

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Enrollment for the 2017 ASA Leadership Institute is now open!

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