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Watch Leadership in the Field of Aging: Past, Present and Future

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The aging of America will impact nearly every aspect of our society: from the structure and function of healthcare, to the role of financial planning, to urban design, to the training of social workers. These shifts represent both massive challenges and enormous opportunities. What kind of leadership is required to orchestrate the transformation to an aged society? What skills, competencies and personal traits must 21st century leaders in the field of gerontology possess? What does a great leader do, and how do they learn to do it? What new abilities are required for effective aging-related leadership in the 21st century?


Ken Dychtwald, PhD, is President and CEO of Age Wave and a noted author, researcher, film-maker and frequent expert speaker. Ken and his wife, Maddy, were recipients of the 2016 Esalen Prize, which honors individuals whose outstanding achievements have brought about social transformation through realizing human potential. Ken is also one of the “Top 50 Influencers in Aging” identified by Next Avenue.

Note: Access to this video is password-restricted to participants in the 2017 Leadership Institute. For questions, contact Krista Brown, ASA’s Director of Education.

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