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Advocacy Resources

ASA members fight for elder justice, defend Social Security, support the beneficial policies embedded in the Affordable Care Act, push for a reauthorization of the Older Americans Act and more. Here are tools we hope you can use to be even more effective advocates:

ASA’s Legislation Tracker

An older Black woman talks to her direct care worker in her home


ASA Members have access to our constantly updated legislation tracker to better help you advocate on behalf of older adults.


Join our Policy and Advocacy Collaborative to stay updated and to access this tool.

Legislation Tracker


Enter a search terms such as "hr9" or "S3118" or a keyword like "aging" or "Medicare" to search for relevant information from on bills or other Congressional documents.


LeverAGE, a podcast produced by ASA, offers bold conversations about the policy and advocacy issues in aging and helps us all to learn how we can take action around the issues we all care about.

You can also subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

Planning an Inclusive Car March

This toolkit is designed to help you plan a caravan roll through local communities as a safe and accessible way to organize a protest for everyone, including people who aren’t able to or don’t feel safe joining marches or protests on foot.

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