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Generations Forums

ASA’s Generations Forums are virtual, interactive, multiday deep dives into topics important to our members and society. Held three times per year, Forums offer the ability to learn, network and take action through a series of curated live and on-demand events over the course of one week. Now the idea-generation and network-building that occur organically at our annual conferences will continue throughout the year, at Generations Forums.

  • Listening to industry experts lay out a call to action;
  • Brainstorming solutions with colleagues working in and outside of the field of aging;
  • Joining targeted advocacy and policy campaigns;
  • Engaging on social media;
  • Getting inspired and ready to take action in your work.


We hope you’ll join us and bring your ideas and energy to ASA Generations Forums!

Advancing Equity in Aging
July 12-16, 2021

Championing an equitable, inclusive society.

$45 for ASA members 
$90 for General Public

From Ageism to Age Inclusion
Dec 6-10, 2021
Sponsored by AARP

Empowering an age-inclusive society.

$45 for ASA members 
$90 for General Public

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From Ageism to Age Inclusion


Ageism harms communities, our economy, society and ourselves. To overcome it, aging must be an integral part of all diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Spend a week with ASA as we cover ways to recognize and push back against ageism, and integrate more representative, realistic aspects of aging into our work.

What should you expect at From Ageism to Age-Inclusion?

    • Get familiar with or brush up on the realities of aging in 2021.
    • Dive into ageism, its impacts, and where and how it shows up.
    • Learn practical ways to incorporate age-inclusive practices into your work.
    • Adopt strategies to advocate for age-inclusive policies at the local level

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Join us for live programs each day from 9:30–10:30 A.M (Pacific)/12:30–1:30 P.M. (Eastern) and access on-demand content throughout the week.

Monday, December 6
Ending Ageism through Grassroots Campaigns

Ageism is pernicious, and we must confront it throughout our society. Grassroots campaigns are essential strategies for building age-inclusive societies. Learn from and get inspired by leaders on the frontlines of anti-ageism work in the US and abroad.

Ashton Applewhite, EveryAGE Counts Australia
Reframing Aging

Tuesday, December 7
“Hello, My Name Is...and I Might Be Ageist”

Ageism is widespread even in the field of aging, and we may not be aware of our own ageist attitudes, behaviors or habits. In this session, speakers draw on their experiences working with older clients and families to help us all recognize ways in which we might be perpetuating ageism, and what we can do to change that.

Christina Peoples, MS, GeroWhat?!
Ashley Stevens, MSW, LCSWA, The Dementia Guru

Wednesday, December 8
A Closer Look at Ageism & Inclusion

Ageism impacts people differently. For instance, research shows that women, and especially women of color who work are more likely to experience ageism. We will unpack the intersections of gender, race and ageism together, and consider how to make anti-ageism movements more inclusive.

Speakers: Patrice Dickerson, PhD, American Society on Aging
Leanne Clark-Shirley, PhD, American Society on Aging

Thursday, December 8
Local Advocacy for Aging

We know ageism harms communities, but how do we effectively advocate for change? Acquire practical advocacy strategies you can use in your community, while seeing them in action in The Big Apple.

Meredith Ponder Whitmire, JD, Matz Blancato & Associates
Lorraine Cortes-Vazquez, Commissioner, New York City Department for the Aging (DFTA)

Friday, December 9
A Global Call to End Ageism

The World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed 2020–2030 as the Decade of Healthy Aging. Did you know that Combatting Ageism is one of four main action areas that WHO is asking countries around the globe to take on? Learn about global efforts to change the way we understand, talk about, and prepare for our aging world.

Peter Kaldes, American Society on Aging
Staci Alexander, AARP
Demographic Change and Healthy Ageing, World Health Organization


Advancing Equity in Aging



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The evidence is clear—our aging experience is shaped dramatically by experiences throughout our lives, and vast inequities exist in access to education, jobs, housing, healthcare, social networks and more. These inequities lead to disparities in health and quality of life, often compounded across generations. The driving institutional, systemic and interpersonal causes of inequities are complex and intertwined, but we all can take steps toward a more inclusive, equitable aging society. Join ASA for our second Generations Forum on Advancing Equity in Aging.

What should you expect from Advancing Equity in Aging?

  • To hear how different organizations are addressing systemic racism and discrimination
  • To learn from advocates about better and best practices for providing inclusive and accessible care, support and services
  • To consider human resource strategies around diversity, equity and inclusion that you might adopt in your organization
  • To meet and talk with others committed to advancing equity




Join us for live programs each day from 9:30 - 10:30 am PT/12:30 - 1:30 pm ET and access on-demand content throughout the week.


Monday, July 12 

Acknowledging and Breaking Down Barriers to Equity in Aging

Sponsored by AARP

Racism, ableism and other forms of bigotry and discrimination harm people and communities. These are entrenched and complex issues, but not unsolvable. We all have role to play through more equitable and inclusive practices as we work. Learn from and get inspired by leaders who are advancing equity as we kick off the Generations Forum.


Denny Chan, Justice in Aging

Denny Chan

Justice in Aging

Felicia T Perez, educator, organizer, author and public speaker

Felicia T. Perez

Cultural Strategist

Staci Alexander, AARP

Staci Alexander




Tuesday, July 13  

Supporting Aging Trans and Non-Binary People


 In memory of Sharon Brackett

Transgender and gender nonconforming people disproportionately experience discrimination in healthcare, insurance, employment and housing throughout their lives. Transphobia and discrimination show up in longevity, aging services, how we define elderhood, and in mental health care and end-of-life care. What steps can we take to better support transgender and gender nonconforming elders, and end discrimination?

Tuesday’s Forum on Demand content presented by the Alliance for Lifetime Income.


Jude Patton, ASA member

Jude Patton

Trans Activist & Author

Dan Stewart, HRC

Dan Stewart


Cecilia Gentili, Trans Equity Consulting

Cecilia Gentili

Trans Equity Consulting 



Wednesday, July 14 

Strategies for Equitable and Inclusive Human Resource and Operational Practices

Sponsored by The Hartford

Advancing equity within our organizations is as important as doing so in aging services, programs and advocacy. Find out how a nonprofit and a research firm are each activating their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion internally, and the work to be done next. 

Wednesday’s Forum on Demand content presented by Berta Cevallos, BLM Language Consultants


Muriel Wheatley, Vital Research

Muriel Wheatley

Vital Research

Gelila Selassie, Justice in Aging

Gelila Selassie

Justice in Aging

Natalie Kean, Justice in Aging

Natalie Kean

Justice in Aging

 Berta Cevallos, CHI., NYSCIT

Berta Cevallos

BML Language Consultants LLC



Thursday, July 15  

Improving Inclusivity through Data and Accessibility Innovations

We use data frequently to describe and understand disparities caused by systemic discrimination and bigotry. Data also can be invaluable for promoting and planning inclusive services and interventions. Learn about two current data initiatives in aging, and how they are impacting equity. 

Thursday's Forum on Demand content presented by Karina Chow.

Join ASA and the Alliance for Lifetime Income for a Twitter Chat on equity and finances at 10:30 PT/1:30 ET.



Jason Resendez, UsAgainstAlzheimer's

Jason Resendez


Tari Hanneman, HRC

Tari Hanneman


Karina Chow Senior Frontend Engineer

Karina Chow

Senior Frontend Engineer



Friday, July 16 

DEI in Aging Policy: Where are We? 

We conclude the weeklong Forum with a conversation about where, if at all, Congress includes aging, diversity, equity, and inclusion in policy about ageism, climate change, the digital divide, and health equity—ASA's four policy priority areas.

Friday’s Forum on Demand content presented by the ASA Legacy Series


 Davis Park, Front Porch

Davis Park

 Front Porch

Angela M. Manso, Natural Resources Defense Council

Angela M. Manso

Natural Resources Defense Council

Andrew MacPherson, Healthsperian

Andrew MacPherson


Carolyn Mendez-Luck, Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow

Carolyn Mendez-Luck

Fellow, U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging


The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence
Alliance for Lifetime Income