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This three-part webinar symposium builds and expands upon the 2015 Aging in America Conference general session entitled “Disabilities in Aging: A Future Redesigned” with the intention of reaching professionals from fifteen distinct disciplines who serve the aging population.

These sessions will explore the lives of differently-abled older adults who live in community and require creative accommodation to navigate independently in their homes, through streets and public buildings.  Many older adults will experience some level of physical or cognitive decline by virtue of the normal process of aging.  Others experience a sudden onset of health decline such as stroke, visual impairment, and early onset of dementia.

Who are the nation’s innovative leaders contributing to creative options that lead to greater independence in later life?  How have advancements in technology, design/accessibility, and advocacy contributed to a future of greater mobility and active living? Our presenters explore innovations and programs which will become more widely available in a future redesigned.

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