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ASA Rise

ASA Rise

The field of aging needs more leaders of color—and a modern, sustainable leadership program to support them.

Aging in the United States has never been an equitable experience across the barriers of economic and social justice. Exacerbating this issue is the fact that those who can best drive the change we need are often the people who were raised, live and work in the communities most affected by these inequities. And so, much too often, the same inequities and lack of justice that require our response are those that prevent the most qualified people from having access to lead that response.


ASA Rise will change this.

Our vision for ASA Rise is that it will lead to improved well-being across a diverse aging population by creating a BIPOC leadership pool that improves policies and programs at the local, state and national levels.


ASA Rise Fellows will experience:


10 weekly classes starting in the Fall of 2021

Topics will include:

Unconscious Bias
Cultural Competence/Cultural Humility
Listening, Communicating and Decision Making
Strategic Thinking 
People Skills: Team Building and Networking
Advocacy 101
Building A Movement
History of Social Justice and Aging movements
Aging Issues Specific to Communities of Color


10 weeks of a joint facilitated project with ASA’s On Aging Institute

In year one, fellows will be leading a national allyship project to drive systemic change in aging. Fellows will hear from other innovative organizations across the country that are positively impacting older adults. In addition to completing the project, fellows will explore the five elements of effective presentations: assess the speechmaking situation; analyze the audience; research the topic; organize and write the speech; and deliver the presentation. This will prepare them to present at the annual spring conference On Aging, which is widely attended by more than 3,000 ASA members.


1:1 Mentoring

In addition to the curriculum, ASA Rise fellows will be paired with a mentor who will meet with them bi-weekly over the 20-week program. The role of the mentor will be to ensure fellows remain on track, are able to share their experiences, seek advice and counsel and ultimately expand their network.


Complimentary ASA Membership for one year and Attendance at On Aging 2022


Applications will open in the summer of 2021.

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