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Meant to drive conversations, dig deep into topics and introduce new voices and leaders in aging, ASA is excited to release original web series and podcasts through ASA Studios Productions. Get to know the new shows and download or watch them today.

Future Proof

Future Proof is an innovation-focused webcast that features engaging and enlightening conversations with changemakers in aging.


LeverAGE is a podcast that offers bold conversations about policy and advocacy issues in aging and helps us learn how we can take action around the issues we all care about.

The Legacy Interviews

The Legacy Interviews, available both as a webcast and a podcast series, features interviews with diverse pathfinders who have spent decades in the fields of aging, health and social services.

Empowering Professionals in Aging

Empowering Professionals in Aging is a podcast series sponsored by Home Instead, covering important topics in aging to help professionals better serve older adults and their families.

Generations Bylines

Generations Bylines is a podcast that goes beyond the pages of books, articles and research on aging and talks with authors writing about aging.


ASA Live

ASA Live is streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and features practical insight, tools and tips for professionals in aging from ASA staff, members and others.

Future Proof

In this Future Proof Live episode, experts discuss how Multisector Plans for Aging (MPAs) are successfully building bridges between agencies like Parks and Rec, libraries and city transportation services. Panelists explain the importance of cross-sector planning for aging at the local and state levels.

Future Proof Live: Cross-sector Planning for Aging at the Local and State Levels



With David Neumeister and Roger Allbee, Windham Aging; Sarah Steenhausen, Deputy Director of Policy, Research and Equity, CA Master Plan for Aging; and Amanda Lawrence, Project Director, CA Master Plan for Aging.

In this Future Proof Live episode, our panelists discuss what a Multisector Plan for Aging is, what it looks like at different stages, across different communities and with different priorities. We also will explore key tools and concepts to create a movement toward change through an aging and disability lens that goes beyond traditional health and community services.  

Future Proof Live: Multisector Plan for Aging



With John Cochran, Deputy Executive Director of the New York State Office for the Aging; Michelle Gayette, Assistant Director, ND HHS; Anna Lea Cothron, Director of Systems Transformation for the Division of TennCare; and Carrie Graham, PhD, Director of Long-term Services and Supports at the Center for Health Care Strategies.

In this special Future Proof Live episode, our panelists explore innovative ways to address ageism in the technology workforce, how health technologies are employed to improve the care of older adults and the very real concern of how to prevent unintended age bias in emerging technologies powered by artificial intelligence and automation.

Future Proof Live: Ageism & Technology



With Patrice Dickerson, ASA’s Director of Programs & Thought Leadership; Jisella Dolan, Chief Advocacy Officer at Home Instead; Heather Tinsley-Fix, Senior Advisor–Employer Engagement at AARP; Becky Canterbury, Senior Delivery Manager at Shutterstock; Paul Guzzo, Image Review Manager at Shutterstock; and Richard Perri, Global Facilities Director at Shutterstock.


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Generations Bylines

Generations Bylines goes beyond the pages and talks to the authors who bring us aging-related news, research, and books. Hosted by the American Society on Aging.

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LeverAGE offers bold conversations about the policy and advocacy issues in aging and helps us all to learn how we can take action around the issues we all care about.

You can also subscribe and listen wherever you get your podcasts.

ASA Live

Check out our recent 3-part ASA Live series with Compassion & Choices below!



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