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ASA's Policy Initiatives

ASA believes it is its responsibility as a leader to drive the discourse and create the change necessary to address issues in aging. We know that the important question to ask is not the simple one of “what must be done,” but rather the much more difficult one, “are we willing to do it?” We hope you will join us in doing it.

This year, ASA is launching a multifaceted public policy and advocacy effort that leverages our membership, our stakeholders, new ASA staff and digital tools to advance our mission. To put ASA on the policy map will require a multiyear effort. This year, we need to become better informed, trained and engaged. That is why we're collecting data on the federal and state legislative and regulatory matters that align with ASA’s priorities. We will highlight them below and you will be able to take action here. Find the inside scoop on new policies affecting older adults and advocacy in the works here. And check often as the gears of government grind on: our members are there at the forefront to report on this complex landscape.