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Should we recommend clients do crossword puzzles or walk briskly for 3 miles when trying to preserve brain health? What about falls—what are hospitals doing to prevent falls in the hospital or upon a patient’s return? Do nutrition supplements actually work? And why do most physicians shy away from addressing sexual issues with patients? Do insurance company wellness programs reward or punish employees? Stories about elder health and wellness appear often in the mainstream media, but this content doesn’t always offer in-depth and constructive information about how to forge strategies, solutions and models that would best serve older adults. When you browse the stories on AgeBlog, you’ll find a wealth of ideas and—best yet—people to connect up with who can discuss their first-hand experience in this topic area. 


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Healthcare and Aging NetworkThe Healthcare and Aging (HAN) is a professional community of individuals and organizations working to promote innovative, high-quality approaches to meeting the healthcare needs of older adults. The network facilitates information exchange and collaboration among policymakers, researchers and service providers.


Take a Stand Against Elder Abuse

posted 10.04.2012

By Kathy Greenlee

The World Health Organization has declared that elder abuse is a violation of an older adult’s fundamental rights to be safe and live free from violence. Recent estimates suggest that one in ten older adults experiences physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. Yet only a fraction of this abuse is reported.

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The Health Legacy Project: Reducing Obesity and Diabetes among African-American Women

posted 09.19.2012

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ASA's Healthcare and Aging Network is discussing chronic diseases and their management. These recent articles cover a variety of care management and health improvement ideas and practical programs.

Why Measure Patient Engagement?

posted 09.19.2012

More Articles in This Series

ASA's Healthcare and Aging Network is discussing chronic diseases and their management. These recent articles cover a variety of care management and health improvement ideas and practical programs.

Quick Question: Are you and/or your organization planning to do anything to celebrate National Falls Prevention Awareness Day?

posted 08.28.2012

September 22 is National Falls Prevention Awareness Day and individuals and organizations across the country are planning events and celebrations in order to increase public awareness about how to prevent and reduce falls among older adults. We asked if you or your organization were planning to particpate and 44% said you were. Here are some of the activities you had planned:

Quick Question: Which foods have been associated with better cognitive health?

posted 08.28.2012

Wondering which foods have been shown to be associated with better cognitive health? Nearly 96 percent of respondents said “all of the above” when given the following choices: green tea, baked or grilled fish, walnuts, brussels sprouts. And you are RIGHT!

The Elder Justice Act Is Unfinished Business

posted 10.17.2011
By Bob Blancato It has been a year-and-a-half since the passage of the Elder Justice Act (EJA), the most comprehensive federal elder abuse prevention law in history. Yet passage alone means nothing unless it is adequately funded and properly implemented. The reality of elder abuse is all around us, and provided motivation to pass the law in 2010. But the extent of the problem only grows with...

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Vision and Aging: Helping Older Adults See Well for a Lifetime

posted 09.22.2011

The National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP) of the National Eye Institute (NEI) recently launched a new resource, See Well for a Lifetime: An Educational Series on Vision and Aging. This educational series was developed for professionals who work with older adults to help convey science-based, easy-to-understand information about maintaining eye health as part of healthy aging.  

Shining a Light on Young Caregivers

posted 09.21.2011

America's Only Youth Caregiving Group
Illumines a Silent Epidemic

By ASA Staff

It wasn’t until a therapist asked Connie Siskowski about her experience as a young caregiver to her beloved grandfather—if she thought it was normal thing for a kid to do—that Siskowski realized it wasn’t.

Early one morning, when she went to give her grandfather his medication, she found his lifeless body. Siskowski was only 13 years old.

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Factors to consider when investigating elder abuse

posted 09.13.2011
This article is brought to you by the Editorial Board of ASA’s Healthcare and Aging Network (HAN) by Holly Lichtman, ACSW, LCSW One of the most challenging issues when investigating elder abuse cases, and supervising other professionals who do so, is determining the elder’s capacity to make decisions. Adult protective service programs establish guidelines for evaluating an elderl...

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