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ASA is committed to working with partners who want to share opportunities, ideas and innovation with our members and subscribers. Sponsorships and donations are a 100% tax deductible contribution to ASA, a 501(c)3 organization and give you access to the professionals in aging that will promote your brand and thought leadership.


All our programming is built to accomplish 3 goals:

1. Reach and engage with new and diverse audiences around the conversation of what aging should and could look like.

2. Create a central knowledge base that provides resources to our members and leaders in aging.

3. Provide thoughtful opportunities to connect and learn from each other.


Sponsor ASA programming such as:


ASA Studios

Podcasts & Webcasts

Visions of an Aging Society





DEI Efforts


Age-Friendly Workforce Development

DEI Education and Resources


Interested in sponsorship or advertising opportunities?
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