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ASA Annual Partnerships
On Aging 2024 Partnerships
Advertising Opportunities

ASA is committed to working with partners who want to share opportunities, ideas and innovation with our members and subscribers. Sponsorships and donations are a 100% tax deductible contribution to ASA, a 501(c)3 organization and give you access to the professionals in aging that will promote your brand and thought leadership.


All our programming is built to accomplish 3 goals:

1. Reach and engage with new and diverse audiences around the conversation of what aging should and could look like.

2. Create a central knowledge base that provides resources to our members and leaders in aging.

3. Provide thoughtful opportunities to connect and learn from each other.


Sponsor ASA programming such as:


ASA Studios

Podcasts & Webcasts

Visions of an Aging Society





DEI Efforts


Age-Friendly Workforce Development

DEI Education and Resources


Sponsorship Benefits


*In accordance with ASA’s Membership Policy, all sponsoring organization must be ASA Members. To get the most out of your partnership, all sponsorships will include a Plus ASA Membership ($825 annually) with up to 5 beneficiaries.

About Our Members & Stakeholders


Sponsor Generations Publications


Generations leads by offering rich content through which we look at today’s most important topics and issues through an AGE-INCLUSIVE lens.


Generations Publications


ASA promotes thought leadership in aging across our three digital publications: Generations Journal, Generations Today and Generations Now.


Your Generations Publications sponsorship includes 

• The opportunity to produce written articles or multi-media content.

• Your logo on Generations and Partners pages.

• Developmental support from ASA’s Thought Leadership Team.

• Marketing and promotion of each program.

• Operational, logistical and technical support.


Select the Generations Publications sponsorship package that works best for you:

$30,000: Guest-edit a Generations Journal issue SOLD
The Journal issue includes up to 10 articles or multi-media concepts that will be released to ASA’s full membership.

$35,000: Guest-edit a Generations Today issue
Generations Today is published every other month. Issues include between 6-8 articles or multi-media concepts that will be released to ASA’s full membership.

$25,000: Beyond Generations Sponsor
Beyond Generations are single- or multi-day virtual deep dives into topics aligned to each issue of Generations Journal.

$25,000: Generations Journal Summit
A one-hour virtual summit on the subject of the Generations Journal issue. You will receive contact information for the attendees.

$20,000 per year: Annual Platform Sponsor (limited to 3/year)
Share your thought leadership through articles you produce up to 12 times/year.

$15,000: Generations Journal Podcast
Produce 1 podcast episode around ASA’s Generations Journal release.

$8,500 per year: Quarterly sponsored article in Generations Now.

$2,250: One sponsored article in Generations Now.



Generations Journal Release Schedule

Fall 2023: How We Talk About Aging (10/18/23) SOLD

Winter 2023–24: Promoting Long, Healthy and Productive Lives for Everyone (2/9/24)SOLD

Spring 2024: Mental Health, Aging and Resilience (4/10/24)

Summer 2024: Advancing Health Services Research in Aging (6/12/24)


Sponsor ASA Studios


ASA Studios provides viewers and listeners dynamic multi-media access to learnings in aging, moving the needle to promote equity and access.


Podcasts & Webcasts


Sponsor one of ASA's podcasts and webcasts. Choose the podcast that best suits you or customize your own new podcast or webcast with ASA. On average, our podcast and webcast episodes are viewed 550 times.


Your ASA Podcasts & Webcasts sponsorship includes: 

• Your logo on ASA Studios and Partners pages.

• Up to 10 hours of program consultation with ASA’s Thought Leadership Team.

• Introduction to each episode by one of ASA’s Thought Leaders.

• Marketing and promotion of each program.

• Operational, logistical and technical support.


Select the Podcasts & Webcasts sponsorship package that works best for you:

$35,000: 6 episode series of weekly episodes

$60,000: 12 episode series of weekly episodes


Sponsor Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts


ASA is committed to offering resources and education in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion according to our principles, as we work to drive age-inclusion in that effort.




ASA RISE is a leadership development program to foster BIPOC leaders in aging. This program combines learning, networking and hands-on work to develop a new generation of professionals working with and on behalf of older adults.


Your ASA RISE sponsorship includes: 

• Your logo on the ASA RISE and Partners pages.

• Ability to meet with the ASA RISE Fellows once per 20-week session.

• Invitation to meet with ASA RISE Fellows at On Aging 2024.

• Attendance at the ASA RISE Fellows Graduation Event at On Aging 2024.

• Operational, logistical and technical support.


Select the ASA RISE sponsorship package that works best for you:

$75,000: Sponsor the ASA RISE Allyship Program

This unique opportunity is limited to one per cohort. Your sponsorship enables ASA to develop a launching pad for the next generation of aging leadership that will lead to improved well-being across an increasingly diverse aging population by creating a BIPOC leadership pool that improves policies and programs at the local, state and national levels.

$45,000: Sponsor the Mentorship Program

This sponsorship allows ASA to provide 12 weeks of mentorship to every ASA RISE Fellow.  This portion of the program is designed to ensure fellows remain on track, are able to share their experiences, to provide career advice and counsel, and ultimately to help expand their network.

$45,000: Sponsor the ASA RISE Experience at On Aging 2024

Help celebrate the efforts and successes of the ASA RISE cohort by sponsoring their experience at On Aging.

$25,000: Sponsor the 11 week Learning Modules

We know that you share our vision to achieve more equity in aging. Your sponsorship provides ASA with the support necessary to develop and teach this curriculum, which is designed to build a national, cross-industry network of leaders that continue to deepen and innovate thought leadership and service delivery to older adults.



Become an On Aging Age-Friendly Employer


ASA is committed to support our members as workforce shortages are impacting all sectors. As an Age-Friendly Employer, ASA offers you access to the fastest growing population in our country. Together, we will work towards supporting a growing workforce, while also giving you access to all of our students and emerging professionals, who are looking for the perfect job opportunity.


Your On Aging Age-Friendly Employer sponsorship includes: 

• Your logo on ASA’s Age-Friendly Employer Job Board and Partners pages.

• Your organization’s job board will be prominently featured on our job board.

• A digital badge that you can use in promotion of your job openings.

• Invitation to meet with ASA RISE Fellows at On Aging 2024.

• Attendance at the ASA RISE Fellows Graduation Event at On Aging 2024.

• Operational, logistical and technical support.


On Aging Age-Friendly Employer sponsorship details:

$15,000: Recruit employees who are knowledgeable and educated in aging to better build your age strategy, providing you with a strong on ROI, while also reaching the fastest growing population of potential employees, people 55 and older. Should you choose to exhibit at On Aging 2024, you will be recognized as an Age-Friendly Employer to promote your open job opportunities.


ASA’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Library


As we all work to invest in diversity, equity and inclusion in our work, ASA is leading the efforts to ensure that this is includes age-inclusivity. Aging cuts across all ethnicities, races, sexual identities and religions and socio economic experiences. That is why ASA is investing in the development of a virtual library of resources that will be free and open to the public, offering a space for conversations, shared content and cutting edge best practices to be shared openly.


Your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Library sponsorship includes: 

• Your logo on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Library and Partners pages.

• Access to share your thought leadership in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion.

• Attendance at the ASA RISE Fellows Graduation Event at On Aging 2024.


Select the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Library sponsorship package that works best for you:

$25,000: DEI Library Content
Does your diversity, equity and inclusion thought leadership belong in ASA’s DEI Resource Library? Add it to our Sponsored Content Section of the DEI Resource Library. Please note that all content produced for this page must be approved by ASA’s Programming and Thought Leadership Team and meet our DEI Principles.

$10,000: Age-Friendly Employer Designation PLUS DEI Library Logo

$7,500: DEI Library Logo
Promote our shared values in this area by showcasing your brand’s logo on the library. ASA will provide you with a link to the virtual library so you can promote your contribution to diversity, equity and inclusion.


Sponsor On Aging Institute Programs


On Aging Institute provides members access to the latest trends and learnings in aging to support better lives for older adults in America. You can support ASA’s year-round On Aging programs or support our annual On Aging conference.


On Aging Institute & Webinars


Your On Aging Institute sponsorship includes: 

• Your logo on the On Aging Institute and Partners pages.

• Marketing and promotion of the content produced.

• Operational, logistical and technical support.

Select the content you wish to produce for ASA's On Aging Institute & Webinars from the list below:

  • Starting at $45,000: Toolkits & Research Opportunities 
    ASA’s On Aging Institute brings together top researchers, policymakers and practitioners to create collaborative solutions that can be taught and replicated across the country.

  • $15,000: Co-Branded Social Media Campaigns
    ASA will partner with you to develop strategic social media initiatives to highlight and amplify your thought leadership reaching ASA’s 83,000+ social media followers who work in the aging field.

  • $26,000–$54,000: Webinars
    ASA webinars are hour-long educational web seminars that offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from approved accreditors to attendees.

    Choose from 4 packages:
    $54,000: 12 webinars per year
    $45,000: 10 webinars per year
    $36,000: 6 webinars per year
    $26,000: 4 webinars per year

    ASA provides:
    1) A personalized webpage on the ASA webinar site featuring your webinars.
    2) Webinar registration, hosting and technical support via GoToWebcast.
    3) Inclusion in the ASA events calendar.
    4) Complimentary CEUs for all attendees. ASA will submit your content to accrediting organizations for approval. We cannot guarantee approval.
    5) Webinar summary reports 5 business days and 60 calendar days after each webinar. Reports do not include attendee contact information. You may purchase access to this for an additional $1,500/webinar.

    Live webinars are attended by 500 people, on average.


Sponsor Special Events at On Aging 2024


$75,000: General Session

Sponsor a General Session with speakers you select. Work with our Thought Leadership team to share your thought leadership with our audience at an exclusive event. Limited to 4 programs.


$50,000: Lunch & Learn

On Aging 2024 is offering special learning opportunities designed to directly meet the needs of our growing membership. Sponsors will assist in content development, as each event will provide leading edge learning content, lunch and unique networking opportunities. We are inviting trusted partners to sponsor these in order to ensure our attendees can participate in them at no additional registration cost. Food and beverage are an additional charge. You decide how many you want to host with a 200 person maximum.


  • Up to 10 hours of ASA staff time to help develop program theme and content.
  • Post-event contact list for all attendees of the program.


$35,000: Co-brand a Stage at On Aging 2024

Select from the Age-Tech Stage, Health & Wellness Stage, or Equity in Aging Stage (includes up to 5 mini-sessions for you to share your thought leadership):

  • Equity in Aging Stage SOLD
  • Health & Wellness Stage
  • Age Tech Stage


$20,000: Co-Brand an Education Center at On Aging 2024

Education Centers are featured spaces in our Exhibit Hall & Resource Center that provide attendees with a “one stop shop” to learn about key topics of interest to attendees of On Aging, such as:

  • Age Tech
  • Brain Health
  • Economic Equity
  • Or your own unique idea or topic!

Sponsorship Includes:

  • 16-ft x 20-ft booth in premium location
  • One 30-speaking session on one of our Resource Center & Exhibit Hall stages
  • 4 all-access conference registrations and unlimited Resource Center & Exhibit Hall only passes for your team
  • Promotion of your Educational Center with sponsor-branded signage
  • Opportunity to include (1) conference tote insert


$15,000: Panel of Pundits/Special Events

Panel of Pundits is our annual event in which we hear from a diverse segment of commentators about the major issues in national politics that will affect our attendees’ work at the local level.


$15,000: Co-Branded Lounge

ASA Connect spaces are laid back relaxed lounges provided in each of the 3 main zones (Health & Wellness, Age-Tech and Equity) where attendees meet, relax, work and network throughout the event. These spaces include charging stations and opportunities to create your own podcast content that you can have available on-demand in that zone. (Limited to 3 sponsors.)


$15,000: Highlighted Session

Highlight your session to ensure that ASA promotes it to the segmented audience of your choice or more generally to attendees prior to On Aging 2024. Highlighted Sessions will be recorded live and the recording will be made available to you for repurposing as well as being used by ASA to share your content with broader audiences.


$10,000: Branded Key-Cards


$7,500: 3 Mini Sessions

Share your thought leadership on one of our 3 stages housed in our Resource Center and Exhibit Hall. Includes three 30-minute speaking sessions on one of our stages in the Resource Center and Exhibit Hall (Age-Tech Stage, Health & Wellness Stage or Equity in Aging Stage)

Advertise with ASA

Leverage ASA’s reach to over 150,000 individuals with ASA advertising.



5 ad placements in ASA News (140,000 subscribers).


Advertise in Generations SmartBrief (29% open rate). Includes an above the fold ad in 8 issues of Generations SmartBrief.



1 week ad in ASA News or on a LeverAGE episode.


$1,500 per month 

Advertise on ASA's Generations publications platform.