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West Health, The SCAN Foundation and The John A. Hartford Foundation have come together to provide an in-depth look at how states can plan strategically to transform infrastructure and coordination of services to address the needs of a rapidly aging population.

Do you find yourself wishing more local agencies in your area understood the role they could play to help older adults, or simply knew more about aging services? Multisector plans for aging (MPAs) are successfully building bridges between agencies like Parks and Rec, libraries and city transportation services. Find out how in this Future Proof Live, as we detail the importance of cross-sector planning for aging at the local and state levels. Featuring panelists from Windham Aging (Vermont) and the California Department of Aging, these experts will share strategies they used to engage a range of agencies and departments as part of the MPA.


David Neumeister, Windham Aging
Roger Allbee, Windham Aging
Sarah Steenhausen, Deputy Director of Policy, Research and Equity, CA Master Plan for Aging
Amanda Lawrence, Project Director, CA Master Plan for Aging