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10:00 AM Pacific
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11:00 AM Pacific


Part of the Empowering Professionals in Aging series
Presented by Home Instead, Inc.

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Includes one complimentary Continuing Education (CE) credit*

Technology plays an important role in supporting the needs of our aging population, but it does not replace the need for family support and professional care. There are many categories of technology that are quickly becoming a part of the care continuum, including virtual health and care-management platforms and wearables. The field of Gerontechnology is a growing rapidly and it is a challenge for professionals in the aging sector to understand how to differentiate between the overwhelming variety of products and services and how and if their clients can benefit from the technology. 

Guest speaker Laurie Orlov, Founder of Aging and Health Technology, will provide valuable information on this topic to help professionals identify and evaluate the benefit of technology for older adults and understand the adoption of tech and the barriers that may exist. 


  • Review the categories of technology that pertain to aging and caregiving; 
  • Learn the benefits of technology for older adults;
  • Understand older adults’ adoption of and barriers to using technology; and
  • Discover tips to evaluate the benefits of technology for older adults.





*Pending Approval from NASW