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On Aging 2022 Speaker Information and FAQ page

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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for joining us at On Aging 2022 in New Orleans as a presenter. We can’t wait to (Re)Unite, Empower and Champion one another at the nation’s largest multidisciplinary conference on aging.


Dr. Leanne Clark-Shirley
ASA’s Vice President, Programs & Thought Leadership,
talks about the innovations planned
for the program schedule at On Aging 2022.

General Information


  • Conference Dates are April 11–14, 2022 and will be in person in New Orleans.
  • All presenters must have an active membership to attend and present. You can renew your membership here.
  • All presenters are invited to listen to a recorded discussion with ASA Programs & Thought Leadership staff that provides additional presenter details; click here to access the recording, and click here to access the accompanying presentation slides.
  • At least one presenter of a session must be registered for the conference by January 15, 2022 to ensure the session remains in the scheduled program.
  • All presenters must be registered by February 28, 2022 to receive the presenter rate of $425. After this date, only the standard registration rate will be available.
  • If you are on the waiting list for a different session time or format, we suggest you register for the conference to take advantage of the presenter rate now.
  • If you must withdraw your proposal to present but would still like to attend the conference, you may still register at the presenter rate if you do so before January 15, 2022.
  • ASA does not provide speaker fees or lodging.
  • Conference registration does not include lodging; be sure to book your hotel room at the conference rate using this link.
  • If you will be using presentation slides or other media, you must bring it to your session on a USB device (thumb drive or portable hard drive). WiFi is available, but should not be relied on to access any presentation files. Files should be Windows compatible.
  • See below for more information on session types and their specific requirements.
  • ASA has contracted with JDC Events as our conference management partner. Please expect emails from them on behalf of ASA.


Questions? Contact Presenter Support

Dee Cariglino
Please reference your submission number to speed up response!

Important Dates

February 28, 2022: All speakers and presenters must be registered to receive the discounted speaker and presenter rate.

February 2022: Presenters are invited to hear this recorded discussion with updates about your presenter experience; click here for the accompanying presention slides.

March 15, 2022: Full conference agenda will be available on our conference app, Eventpedia, available on iOS and Android.

April 11–15, 2022: On Aging 2022 in New Orleans


Audio Visual (AV) Setup

Each conference room has a standard AV setup which includes a Windows laptop (no DVD), projector, screen, WiFi, and wired microphone for table use (does not apply to Peer Groups, Roundtables or Poster Sessions). If your presentation content relies upon internet-based resources, we recommend that you have an alternative presentation methodology planned in the event that internet access from the meeting room may be unexpectedly unavailable. The provided projectors support HDMI input from the supplied computer. If you wish to bring your own computer that does not support HDMI for external displays, please contact us in advance and no later than March 1, 2022.

Podiums and alternative microphone arrangements for large panels are available but must be requested by March 1, 2022. Some onsite AV equipment is available for rental at presenters’ expense, but availability on site cannot be guaranteed. Please contact Presenter Support for additional information. Requests must be received by March 1, 2022.

Session Definitions and Specific Requirements

Poster Sessions provide the opportunity to engage in informal discussions with attendees. This setting is a more intimate forum than workshops and often allows for more in-depth exchanges with the audience. These presentations will take place in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday April 12 and Wednesday April 13 from 8:00–9:00 am. At least one presenter should be at the poster during the session.

Bring your printed poster to the exhibit hall and hang it based on the schedule below. Check your confirmation notice from November 23, 2021 (follow-up sent on December 6, 2021) or contact Presenter Support for the day you are scheduled. Volunteers will be on hand to help you find your board location and provide tacks. Download the Guidelines for Poster Presenters for full information and poster specifications. A poster presentation template is available here.

Special Offer for ASA: Printing and onsite pickup from FedEx Business Center at Hyatt

Poster hanging schedule:

Presentation Day

Hang Your Poster

Remove Your Poster

Tuesday, April 12

Between 1:00 PM Monday, April 11 and
8:00 AM Tuesday, April 12

Tuesday, April 12 by 1:00 PM

Wednesday, April 13

Between 2:00 PM Tuesday, April 12 and
8:00 AM Wednesday, April 13

Wednesday, April 13 by 5:00 PM

Any remaining posters will be discarded after 5:00 PM on Wednesday when the exhibit hall is closed for move-out.

60-minute Workshops are sessions that focus on educational topics or concepts and emphasize innovative models, promising practices, applied research, or replicable programs. This format involves a formal presentation and may feature case studies and interactive activities. These also include Paired Sessions, where two thematically related topics have been combined into a single session. In these cases, each presentation is allotted 30 minutes each, including Q&A. Please bring a flash drive with your presentation, to load onto the ASA-provided laptop prior to your talk.

90-minute Symposia are intensive panel discussions that focus on broader educational topics, concepts or policies. Presenters come with advanced knowledge of the subject area and contribute different perspectives on big-picture topics such as program trends and innovations, policy and advocacy, changing service models, and technologies having an impact on aging services and experiences. Please bring a flash drive with your presentation, to load onto the ASA-provided laptop prior to your talk.

Lightning Talks are 5-minute rapid-fire presentations of your research, intervention, program, or advocacy or policy position. Presenters are permitted to have just 3 slides, and the presentations include only the why, what, and so-what of the topic. This format allows up to 8 presenters to share the most exciting and important aspects of their work over the course of an hour, in a fun and engaging way. Presenters will be contacted directly with detailed instructions to prepare for these sessions.

Point/Counterpoint Talks are 60-minute sessions in which expert speakers with different views on a topic or policy position present and debate their point of view, and a moderator. The topic or policy position is clearly articulated by the moderator, who then invites each speaker to present affirmative, negative, and/or alternative cases. Time should be allocated for questions from the audience after all sides are presented. Presenters will be contacted directly by their moderator to prepare for these sessions.

Peer Groups are 60-minute informal, facilitated discussions on age-related topics. They allow participants an opportunity to network with peers who either share a community of practice or are brought together by common interests in specific issues. These informal sessions do not have structured seating or AV.

Roundtables are consultative, 60-minute discussions for small groups (up to 12 people per table) organized by topics. A brief presentation of the core educational content is followed by guided discussions and dedicated time for questions and answers. Handouts are encouraged, as there is no AV included for Roundtables.

Films/Video Sessions include the viewing of a film or video as the main focus of the session, accompanied by an educational component such as a filmmaker-led discussion, expert panel, or small group discussion, and Q&A. Presenters will be contacted directly to discuss the details of their session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although the primary presenter typically organizes the session, a co-presenter may become the primary presenter with permission from the person who submitted the proposal. If no one can attend the conference and present the proposal, the primary presenter must withdraw the proposal in writing by emailing Presenter Support.

Please notify Presenter Support of your withdrawal and cc your co-presenters.

If you face a legitimate scheduling conflict, please contact Presenter Support with the details. We will do our best to resolve the issue but please note that given the complexity of conference scheduling, we cannot guarantee specific presentation schedule requests.

The presenter registration fee is $425. If you need to join or renew your ASA Membership, you will be billed for your membership at the time of check-out. You must be registered by February 28, 2022 to receive this discounted rate. After this date, only the standard registration rate will be available.

ASA is excited to offer our presenters a full $150 off of the standard rate for On Aging 2022 up until January 15, 2022. However, we do not offer scholarships or other discounts to our presenters.

On Aging 2022’s agenda is available to download here. Be sure to check the latest version on the conference app which will be available no later than March 15, 2022.

The presenter rate is $425 if you are registered by February 28, 2022. If your membership is not active, or will expire before April 11, 2022, you must purchase a membership at the time of your registration. That will bring your total to $675.

If you need the amounts split into a separate invoice or would like to pay for your membership on a monthly basis, contact Membership Coordinator Rheagan Willis.

If a different amount is showing, please contact Presenter Support to check your record.

Yes, as long as you are listed as a beneficiary of that organizational membership. If you require assistance with this, please email Membership Coordinator Rheagan Willis.

Please email Presenter Support immediately if you will not be able to present. Cancellations and refunds are handled in accordance with conference policy. Click here for details.

Please contact Presenter Support with the information. If adding or changing, please be sure the new speaker has an ASA account. All presenters must be members of ASA and register for the conference.

Waitlisted sessions will be added to the program as and when presentation times may become available. Available slots will be filled based on order of conference registration. Due to the complexity of conference scheduling, there is no guarantee of receiving your requested session format, date, and time.